(the painted stairs) Q & A

I've had a few questions about the basement painted stairs.
Hopefully this will answer a few of them for you.   

Q: How loud are they without carpet and padding?
A: I have two full staircases.
     Staircase #1: Main staircase that leads upstairs to 2 bedrooms, desk area and the new cute bathroom.
These were covered with orange carpeting when we moved in.  I ripped that out and we lived with them bare for a long time. Sound was a mini-issue. Not major but because it is the main stairway we did later put a runner in. It's mainly what you prefer. Soft on your feet?

To fix up these stairs we: Replaced the treads (50 yrs of wear from the previous owners). I painted the risers white and the treads black. The paint held up well but to curb the loudness factor we did put a carpet runner in.   (we did this before I had the blog- I will post a pic here as soon as I take one.)

   Staircase #2:  The newly painted basement stairs.  Sound is not issue as it heads down to the basement and isn't heard from the living room or bedrooms.

Q: Are the painted stairs safe with socks?  Any slipping and/or sliding going up or down?
A: Both staircases have been just fine without socks.  When we moved in the kids were 2, 3 and 5 - then we had another. So toddlers have been on them.   The basement stairs have a bit more wood grain on them and are more textured - since they are an older make of tread.

Q:  How long did the painting take you?
A: Doing the full basement stairs took one weekend. This included painting the ceiling and walls and the painting of the numbers.  How I did it so you can walk up and down and a time frame can be seen
 on this post.

Q: Does it chip?
A:  Both staircases are holding up really well.  Neither has chipped and our family of 6 uses them.

Q:  Are they easy to clean?
A:  They are very easy to clean.  And easy sweep with a broom for dust,  then I use a Swiffer.
Even the kids like to Swiffer- thank goodness.
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