Thursday, March 20, 2014

a selfless shelfie

My 'new' shelf is so conceited that if it could grow arms and take a selfie of itself, 
It totally would.

I bought this shelf last summer at a garage sale for $6. 
It's been waiting its turn in the project line.
Last week, I painted the dresser Miss Mustard Seed's 'Kitchen Scale.'
Since I had the paint out, I did the shelf too.
The chippy charm is good.  I love the scallop.



My newly found plethora of vintage cameras?

Last week 3 of them were in an auction case at Goodwill.
 All week. Just sitting there, lonely.

I had seen them at the beginning of the week. 
I went back on Sunday to check on them.  
I dared myself to look at the auction book to see what the bids were up to.
No one had bid on them. 
 - Happiness - 
It was 3:38. Bids were closing at 4:00.
Minimum bid was $25. For the 3.

I. Could. Not. Resist.

I 'won' the bid.
I took them home and they happily posed with the conceited shelf.

Once again, pretty darn adorable for an apartment.

xo jeanne.

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  1. It's amusing to think of a shelf as 'stuck on itself' -- reminded me of when in my childhood we referred to my egotisical brother as a 'conceited J A.'


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