Monday, February 24, 2014

omg mother.

Monica is 11.
Every few days she asks me how long it will be until garage sale season.  
With a fresh 10 inches of snow on top of an already existing 20 inches of snow… 
We won't be pounding the pavement anytime soon.
 Sigh. We wait.

Keeping me on my toes and to ensure I am never lax on the motherhood job - 
This exchange took place on the way to school today:

Monica:  When we're garage sale-ing and you guys are talking in the front,
 Mary and I are like omg shut up. 

Me: Thanks for that.

Monica: We're basically dying. It's intense boredom. We make faces.
(insert preteen mimic bored death face here.)
Omg mother. It's your voice when you're talking. 
And I'm in the back getting squished by Quandie and all the stuff.

Me: Great. Thank you.

(insert more preteen incredibly bored death faces here. and groaning.)

Somewhere between cracking up and 
scraping my self esteem off the floorboards of car,
we made it to school.   

Good lord.  
Life Goes On.

xo jeanne.


  1. Quandie can't help the fact that she needs a lot of leg room!

  2. Quandie,
    Teen Sherpa confirmed the story. She said that's exactly what they do. SIt back there are make fun of us. "How can anyone be so awake in the morning!?" We do our job well! Drive them both nuts.
    xo Lacqui


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