Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Letter Painting Zen.

I don't actually ride around on the bus all day stalking strange people. 
It's one of the things I silently do while on my way to making a living every day. 
(shhh, don't tell.  you'll blow my cover!)

Enough of my people observing past time and back to my other favorite thing: Painting. 
I've been busy the past few weeks doing some fun jobs. 

The first: Scrabble Letters.
They're big. 3"x3".  Made for a family and to be hung on their wall.
In the shape of a Scrabble game, of course.  Stay tuned for pics in their new happy home.

The second: A Family Sign.
This is for a very lovely family. 
I hope it brings comfort to their home and hearts.
They deserve it.
The third:  Ten!
My youngest project turned 10. 
Where does the time go?

More projects in the works. 
Wait till you see my Valentine idea.
Fab. Worth the wait. I promise.

xo jeanne.


  1. Beautiful projects..
    Happy 10th Birthday to your daughter..
    Time sure does go fast..
    Can't wait to see your Valentine project..
    Have a FUN day..

  2. I enjoyed some giggles while reading of your observations as a covert bus operative! Love those big letter tiles! Do you ship? Looking forward to your valentine post with bated breath :-)

  3. OMG - cannot wait to see what you do with the fab Scrabble tiles! Literally. Cannot wait. I simply going to sit in front of my computer for hours, days, weeks, until I know. Giant Scrabble tiles! It boggles the mind.

  4. I'm with Any Mouse, love and waiting on Scrabble "tiles". And your daughter is beautiful. And still time till tweendom. Valentine crafting, yay! I was thinking about you and shazam there you are serving up more covert craftiness. Or is your covert self the bus riding drone?


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