Monday, January 21, 2013

Paper and Glue. Scrapbooking for Grown-Ups.

Finally. Scrapbooking weekend show and tell.
My goal was to teach myself decent layering skills. 
While I am scrapbooking I have absolved myself from speed. 
I have no intention of doing a marathon of how many pages I can get done.
I've done that. I'm over it.  
Now I just do my favorite pics.

I lie.  I do have a goal: I try to to a page for each of the kids.  Then a few other good photos I've taken over the year.  It's really just a chance for me to get to play with paper and glue. Two of my favorite things.

I started with a page about me. Giving myself credit for taking time out to make the blog.
Next, a favorite pic I've been wanting to scrap:

 A page for my dad. 
Thomas Guide. KTOM. The Man Who Ordered In Chinese.
The layering thing intrigues me. 
Unlimited possibilities of creativity.
A mish mash of paper fun. Bits. Scraps. Play.
I tried to focus on an area and do a layering motif.
All of the patterned paper is from October Afternoon. My favorite paper company.
Tip: I buy rolls of old tickets at garage sales with scrapbooking in mind.

I did other pages at my weekend away. I will put them all into a book.
(When I get around to it. ha!)

xo jeanne.


  1. Love, love, love your pages - especially the one on your dad. It's so simple, but there's a world of love on that page.

  2. What lovely, lovely pages. I so love the American style of scrapbooking. I am a card maker and I too love October Afternoon papers but the way you have used them is stunning. Your photography is wonderful too.


  3. Beautiful pages, love the layering and the documentation is wonderful!

  4. Awesome Jeanne ... hope you don't mind I shared a link to your blog on our Facebook page. Hope to see you and Linda (Fabulous 1 and Fabulous 2) at the Warehouse Sale again this year. Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood!

    Jon (the social media/marketing guy)
    October Afternoon

    1. Thanks so much Jon the marketing guy! I truly appreciate it.
      Linda and I are October Afternoon junkies. We swoon over the graphics/paper on a regular basis. It's embarrassing.
      But we put it to good use! Thanks for stopping in and to the FB link!
      xo Jeanne.

  5. Those pages are gorgeous! I love everything about them. OA if my favorite. I only wish I could have gone to the sale. You lucky girl. I discovered your blog from the OA facebook post. You have great style. I cant wait to visit again and get inspired by you.

  6. Came over from link on FB from OA. Beautiful pages! They inspire me to break out and try something new!

  7. OMG - I was present when these pages were being's so cool to see them displayed. I hope lots of people will use your ideas ....and I can say that if I were a person working at the October Afternoon place, I would certainly snap up both Jeanne and Linda as creators for the October Afternoon lines. All you can say after looking at these pages is WOW.

  8. Love your pages, especially the one of your Dad. I loved how you journalled his story.

  9. I actually remember talking about submitting your pages to October Afternoon while you were making them that weekend.Congratulations!

  10. Your pages are so sweet. I haven't scrapbooked in ages and I'm really starting to miss it but at the same time am afraid to dive in. LOL.

  11. And for the love of glue and paper, I want to scrapbook bad now too. This is me setting and confessing the intention to do this one decade. You're the witness Jeanne and the inspiration/cause. Not like I don't have several vintage suitcases of pictures and ephemera to play with. Congratulations on making the date and thanks for showing the lovely results.

  12. I am envious that you could go to the October Afternoon warehouse sale...they have gorgeous products! You put your goodies to excellent us...beautiful layouts.


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