Monday, October 29, 2012

Bragging Session: Senior Pictures and a Proud Mama.

What's a better DIY project than the enormous task of raising children?
In my case, there are 4. Four DIY human beings, all different and unique.
Last week, my original and oldest 'project' turned 18.  Amazing.
She's smart, sassy, creative and confident.
I could not be more proud of her. 
I am awestruck that I get to be her mother.

These are a few of her senior pictures.
For the life me me I could not hold back sharing them with you.

Her cousin Heather took the photographs. 
She a budding photographer and has her own website.
I am so completely thrilled with her work. 
You can find her at

Stunning. All of them. Who knew I had a model daughter?!
I can't wait to scrapbook these pics!!

Speaking of which over the weekend, Linda and I had a bit of fun
spending time (and money) at a scrapbooking warehouse sale @
 October Afternoon  - our favorite paper/graphics for scrapping.
We have a scrapbooking weekend coming up so we stocked up. A lot.
And, because we are fabulous and wacky, a fun dude snapped our pic.
Lo and behold,  we made it onto their facebook page.

(Turns out 18 is much more youthful than 40something. hahahhaha!)

xo jeanne.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Breezeway Progress. Finally.

Last time I showed you the breezeway, it was riddled with drywall holes. (dog damage.)
Since then, the handy husband has redone the window and door trim, 
Added wainscoting and changed out a door.
It took a few months.  Long, prodding and pleading months. But he's done. 

Finally it's ready for me to begin. 
This past weekend I started doing my thing.

I spent the day priming the wainscoting, trim and doors.
Already so much better. Paint can do miracles.

I called begged decorating co-captain Linda for help.
She came. We pasted. We Hung.

That's it. 
No more hints until the finished product is ready to show off. (meanie.) 

Okay, you twisted my arm.  
One more hint:
The awful hideous floor will be dealt with.
 In the appropriate bees knees bungalow way, expect fabulousity.

xo jeanne.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The bedside clock that won't wake you up!

If you must have an alarm clock on your night stand waking you up 5 days a week - 
Then shouldn't you at least have a super fabulous painted one as well?
I thought so. And I hope someone else will too. 
Because this little dresser is for sale.

One of the things I love about this piece is it's handles. I've never seen them before.
Also the curved indent on each drawer made an easy choice to paint.
It's come along way:

It's well made, super sturdy and surprisingly heavy.
The drawers are strong and deep. 
I hand painted the clock.

The original manufacturing label is still in the top drawer.
Trendmaker. So trendy!

No more hitting the snooze button.
Time to let this one go.

xo jeanne. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Caw Caw! A mantel for the Birds.

Bring on the Halloween spookiness. 
I've been in the mood to make a new wreath but wasn't quite sure what I wanted.
I headed to Michael's but wasn't too inspired. 
Until, I spotted this corn stalk number practically hidden in the back. I loved it!
(Why so hidden?)  I thought all it really needed was some crows. Done!

For the mantel, 
I wanted to use what I had on hand to bring on the scary.
I used old chippy frames, hung and angles with fishing line.

Clocks set at midnight.
A scull bought a garage sale for .50 cents.
scale I picked up for $4 over the summer.
My favorite idea: I used my stash of vintage books to line the mantel
Simply line up open books.  Easy. Not scary. 

Totally fun and different. No hanging ghosts. No witches. 
I tried to keep it simple.

I threw in some clothes pinned reader cards. 
I went through my stack and found words I could play with.
Be careful of  The Thing......

Fun! Boo!
xo Jeanne

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A 'Hotel' room I could stay in every night.

The Bedroom.
Now that old doors are the headboard
I set my sights on improving the opposite wall.
I liked the idea of a vintage hotel sign. 
So I made a dresser into one.

I've also moved around some pictures. 
While I was at it, my jewelry storage had become just plain messy.
I took care of that too.

I took a frame, painted it grey and distressed it.
I bought the wire at a garage sale for .10 cents.  I attached it with a staple gun.
I bought the shoe horns at the Carriage House Sale for $3 each.
Instant Jewelry Frame.

The wire is a perfect holder for some vintage brooches.
The little fawn is stylin' holding my vintage bracelets.
The train case holds and hides little pieces from view.

I've driven myself to the brink of insanity tonight 
                                          trying to find my 'before' pictures of the dresser.

I did not find them. I've searched for an hour. 
Do your best to picture a dull yellow/cream finish with really bad knobs from 1975.

These white porcelain ones were from a stash at a garage sale. 
I knew they'd come in handy.

I chose "hotel" because I'm going for relaxation.
A private getaway. Spa. Sleep. 
Time to watch a movie from start to finish.
That's the goal.

Can you feel it?

xo jeanne.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ride the Champion!

A few weekends ago in Cannon Falls.....
Decorating co-captain Linda stumbled upon this Pony.
He was in rough shape. It was not possible to leave him behind.
His potential was brewing even before we had him loaded up.
This is the 'after.' Care for a ride?

Here is the before and after. 
We've named him 'Champion' for obvious reasons.
Also, his true calling is to be in a bedroom. That would be hysterical.
(i totally would. wheee!)

Here's a peek our finds from the of garage sales in Cannon Falls, MN.
(I haven't even told you about this garage sale day yet. for shame!)

A citywide sale that was fantastic.
Everyone there was so nice.  It is a charming little town.
We were happy to relieve them of some of their old stuff.
By the end of the day the truck was packed.
 Hillbilly style with panache.

Brrr! It was chilly.
 But we kept the kids warm by having them haul.

They're so handy!

xo jeanne.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Carriage House Sale Success

A big Thank You to all who came out for the fall sale.
The weather was glorious. 
The coffee was hot and the baked goods were delicious.
The morning was beautiful.  The shoppers waited in line so patiently.
Linda and Sue had worked hard to make it worth their while!

9:00 am. Officially open! 

This is my friends - Linda and Sue's sale.
They put up with me and let me add a few of my things in.
It was fun to mingle and watch the sale magic happen.
So fun to see old friends, blog followers and Carriage Sale faithfuls!

I flitted around like a crazy person and took too many pictures.
It's time for the Carriage House to hibernate through Fall and Winter.
Such a long wait till June!

xo jeanne.

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