Monday, September 24, 2012

The Fall Carriage House Sale

It's almost here!
The Fall Carriage House Sale.

Saturday, September 29th.
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
6041 47th St. N
Oakdale MN

Here is the Craigslist ad.

No Pre-Sales.
Cash Only.

My pictures do not do it justice.   
 There are painted furniture pieces that are stunning.
Just to see it all set up is a treat.
Linda and Sue have outdone themselves.

Once nine o'clock hits, the shopping race is on. 
Come early, get in line and enjoy coffee & baked goods.

('cause believe me, there's always a line to get in.)

See you there!
xo jeanne.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Again, Side Table Savvy.

I thought it would be fun to show you what has become of one of our garage sale finds.
An old piece that is beat up really doesn't deter us as long as we can see the potential beyond the dings.

This super cute side table is a perfect example. 
We believe it was once part of an old vanity.
One side to the old vanities that had 2 sides and a big mirror in the middle. 
Long ago, someone must've taken it apart.
Some light repair work, a coat of paint and some sanding for effect -
                          brought this sweet piece back to life.

Darling, eh? How much do you love those drawer pulls?
This is for sale and will be at The Carriage House Sale on Sept 29.  
It was among a fab haul we found in August.  
Email me if you'd like to be put on the email contact list for the upcoming sales.

xo jeanne.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I became a trashy lady...the moment I spotted those doors.

My headboard?  
It's new. Or, newish. 
'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'
I tend to agree...because these fabulous doors - were in the trash.

Linda, the troops and I were garage saling on Saturday.
My car screeched to a halt as we spotted a dumpster on the street. 
It was in front of a home being remodeled.
What caught our eye?
 Fabulous old doors. In the dumpster. Several of them.
And just like that, I was dumpster diving.
They are heavy, old and solid.

You might see a dumpster. All I saw was 'headboard.'
Can you imagine these in a landfill? Crazy.

Luckily, for the first time ever - the Husband had decided to come along.
(Or, follow at a safe distance behind us.)
So we had his truck.  Eureka! We loaded up 3 doors and some old screens.
Sadly, other doors had been badly redone with new doorknobs. We left them behind.
Two doors went to my house. One to Linda's.  I sanded mine down and cleaned them up.

I painted Mr. on one and Mrs. on the other.
It was alright, but still needed some 'umph.'

 I pulled out some frames I've recently found at garage sales. 
I knew they'd come in handy!  I framed Mr. and Mrs. 
It added some depth and the touch I was looking for.
And I love it!

I have had 'quiet' letters for a few months. I bought them at Michaels.
I mismatched and played with the letters, spread out on the floor in the isle.
I spray painted and sanded them.

(6 months later.... that playing paid off as I've finally put them to use.)
They are nailed up at an angle and look like they are just setting on doors.
It is my attempt at getting the kids to subliminally think this room is for quiet........
and not to destroyed within 10 seconds of entering the room.  
Hey, I can dream.

I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased.
I've been hashing through headboard ideas for months.
Nothing has been blog worthy... until now.

I have also completely blocked out any residual trauma that may 
have been caused when neighbors may have been watching the crazy woman me
 dig through the dumpster while they were enjoying their Saturday morning coffee.

I do this by enjoying my 'new' and fabulously crafted headboard.

[And by saying 'thank you and shame on you -  strange remodeler people - 
who threw away these lovely doors!]

xo jeanne.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheap Eats!

This is seriously the easiest craft project ever.
It could be done with your eyes closed while doing a handstand. While singing.
Really, if you can use a can of spray paint - you're in.

I've seen other projects with painted cardboard letters.
Usually giving a tutorial on painting layers and how to get a patina look.
It worked - but that stopped me. Because I don't have time or patience for layers. 

A few months ago I picked up an "A" and an "E" at Goodwill. Precious vowels. .99 cents each. "They'll come in handy for something." I thought. And tucked them away.
Last week I bought a "T" at JoAnn's.  With the handy dandy JoAnn smartphone app, I saved 40% with a coupon on my phone.  Cool.   
  • At my local hardware store, I bought Silver Metallic spray paint. $3.49.                                        I spray painted the letters. One coat.
  • I let them dry overnight, then sanded them with sand paper.  Done. Easy peasy.

They were instantly cool with just the spray paint. But took on the metal/stainless steel and depth look once they were sanded.  I didn't do anything special to them. 
The layered look just happens with the sanding.

Here's one letter sprayed and sanded, the other just spray painted:

After brushing off the silver dust the sanding created...
  • I stuck removable double sided mounting squares to their backs. (found in frame isle of the craft store.) Removable, because I didn't want to damage my painted diamond on my kitchen wall.
  • I simply stuck them to the wall.  

This project cost me under $10. 
It looks fabulous in my kitchen. I am boasting. 
Keep your eyes out for A's and E's. 
They could come in handy!

xo jeanne.

Monday, September 10, 2012

THIS is why we love garage sales.

Someplace in Minneapolis....Honestly I don't know where. 
I could drive there, but I couldn't tell you the name of the neighborhood.
I can tell you this - It was their first ever organized citywide sale.
Which means we were there faster than you can say;
                                                 "Grande white mocha, please."

Yes. We went insane.
It was like we had magic wands of garage sale happiness.
 Plus, the neighborhood was drop dead gorgeous

 Oops. I found another suitcase. It was $2
(sheesh. like I could leave it behind.)

 Lucky me - I had a volunteer to carry it.

There was bits and pieces. Some picking and patience.
We were cool, calm and collected as we made our way thru over 30 sales.

We were down right giddy in the car though.
Because we scored stuff like this: 


That little camera up there? 
Um...... wait for it..............50 cents.  
Fifty. Cents. 

The cool door knocker, I had only seen this 'hand' style recently.
When we stumbled upon it..the gal wanted $10. I offered $8. Sold!

Below, The army trunks
Super cool. Seriously fabulous. Completely had us at hello.
Linda bought one, I bought the other.

Last but not least.
The crazy bunch of furniture was found at ONE sale. You will soon see it 'shuzzed' and tweaked and in the Carriage House Sale at the end of the month.  Soon!

It took us 2 trips back to Minneapolis to get it. 
We rewarded our tired selves with Mocha Frappe's.

I told you it was fabulous.
We're still in shock.
xo jeanne.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough make jewelry.

We're tough, fabulous and make super cool jewels.
Plus, it's  good way to spend a Friday night, right?

Because of all the bobbles Linda and I find, we've amassed quite a stash.
We put them to use by making upcycled or junk jewelry.
One of a kind pieces made with sarcasm and giggles as we work.

My daughter and I shlept our haul over to Linda's house and had a night of jewelry making.
It was fun to sprawl out all our stuff onto a totally fabulous work area.

Why be normal, when you can be cool?

Linda is much better at putting what she makes in a shop and selling them than I am.
I tend to wear mine. As displayed below in my homegirl stance.
(Hey, it was late. I was punchy.)

I had an etsy shop a while back. 
 I'm wavering and thinking of stocking it up again.
I smack myself when I keep the creations all to myself.

Smack! Smack!
xo jeanne

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