Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Plant Sale, Hostaman!

Garage sales aren't the only thing I like about Spring and Summer in Minnesota.
 The Plant Sales are pretty fabulous too.
Something I'd never heard of in California.  
Gardeners divide their mature plants and sell them. 
Some people include them in their garage sales. 
Some take it to a whole new level. That would be Gordy - he found that level.
 We found his hostas.

I love sales like this because often the gardeners are more than happy to give tips and the very best firsthand advice.  The plants are established and the soil is so good.  They often thrive once I get them home and planted in my own garden. AND... These great plants are also much less expensive than a garden center.

Hostas in particular, are easy to find.  Though variegated bright varieties are harder to find in backyard gardens. This is why Gordy's sale is fabulous. His selection is beautiful. 
This is in his backyard....
To get the idea of the size of it- look closely and see Linda on the left.

Hosta's are easy to divide and nearly impossible to kill.
Though the kicker is they need to freeze over winter and come up again each spring.
Which is why I'd never seen them in yards around my neighborhood in California.
Here in Minnesota, they're a garden staple.

At this sale, everything was marked with it's name and clearly priced.
Pretty incredible.

It didn't take much arm twisting to fill the wagon.

Happy Planting!
xo jeanne. 

Robin: "Gosh Batman, this camel juice is great."
Batman: "Beware of strong stimulants, Robin."
Robin: "Gosh, Batman, this camel grass juice is great."
Batman: "Beware of s

Monday, June 25, 2012

Now that's some great Sh*t.

It was a neighborhood sale we'd never been to before.
We weren't sure what to expect.
What we got was.........Seriously Great.

As in 'Holy crap!  We've hit the mother load.' 

From the map, to the suitcase, the fabulous clock, the canisters, the lamp.
(this is the year of the lamp - we've found 3 this year.)

Starting off in the morning we had NO IDEA we'd find.....

Yes, the fantastic camera. 
 Totally dreamy.

We lost our minds somewhere in Minneapolis. 

We had to repack the car - twice.
(we found the giant scrabble letters too).

Linda bought these fabulous numbers. For paint or wax?
They're for stamping, but we can't figure out for what exactly.
Maybe you guys know and can help clue us in?
They have long wooden handles and came in a wooden holder.

This pic is not a sale.. it us just merely one of our repackings. ha!
Can you picture the broken bottom chair redone into a garden chair?  

The map's size was challenging for transportation. 
But I bought it anyway. $15.
It was a cozy passenger for Teen Sherpa and Mini Sherpa.
(See? Clearly, they were thrilled.)

The final shot:

But wait! We didn't buy everything.
We left behind this darling baby. 
We figured even though the tag said 'make offer' 
                                                                - he was priceless.

Whew! This is just how we felt!
xo jeanne.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get 'Em Before They're Gone.....

It's craigslist-palooza.
I've decided to sell my hand painted French label dresser. 'Tis true.
It's time for me to part with it so I thought I'd give you dibs if you are local.
Here's the original post in case you missed it.
Here's the craigslist ad for the painted label dresser. (Sold!)

Also, Decorating co-captain Linda has these fabulous pieces for sale as well.
Union Jack would love a great home.
Here's the craigslist ad for the Union Jack dresser.

So would this darling desk. 
It's a rescue that Linda painted a wonderful grey.
Here's the craigslist ad for the desk. (Sold!)


The Hoosier is for sale too.
Oh! How I wish I had a place for it. Sigh.
Here's the craigslist ad for the hoosier. (Sold!)

Redoing these pieces was a thrill.
Giving them new life is a hoot and its's fun to see their transformations along the way. 
Thanks for taking a peak!

xo jeanne

Monday, June 18, 2012

Signs. They're everywhere.

There are some creative people out there who don't mind being a bit silly and create a sign that makes their garage sale stand out from the rest.  
Over the past few months I snapped a few pics of some good ones. 
They are witty and silly give me a giggle.

Rapture Crapture was from a sale in April. It was raining, but no apocalypse took place.
I like Free Zones.  Especially one's that are well marked.
None of my children were given sugary espresso on that given Saturday.
And..somebody I know who had a certain Carriage House Sale last pretty creative.
We'll 'chalk up' the sale's TOTAL SUCCESS to the help of this fab sign.

There are even signs in the sidewalk.
"A little less war, A little more peace,
A little less poor, A little more eats."

My kind of sidewalk.
"You have entered the wacky zone."
 That would be on the sidewalk in front of my house.

xo jeanne.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carriage House Sale!

I have some truly talented friends
Once a year in June,  Linda and Sue hold their Carriage House Sale.
They peddle their wares at the most charming sale in town.  They toil and tinker and share their finds with the masses....or at least the gals who wait for it w/ baited breath each year.

Time flies and this year's sale is already here. Being held this Thursday and Friday.
Here's a brief peak at what you'll find:

I warned you that it was charming.

These girls know how to rock the whimsy.
And, help make your home more homey.

Carriage House Sale
6041 47th Street N.
Oakdale MN

Thursday June 14th,  5pm - 7pm
Friday June 15th,  9am - 1pm
Rain or Shine. Cash only.
No pre-sales or Early Birds.

Click HERE for the craigslist ad.

I'll be there!!
(I've got my eye on a few things.) 

xo jeanne.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Garage Sales and Your basic Tom Foolery.

We've had a pretty good run the 4 Saturday's of garage sailing.
Linda and I were on the fence about going out this past weekend.
eh. We could take it or leave it.
But we wanted some silliness so we decided to go.
Lucky for us, the quest for silliness led to some sweet deals.

It was the day of:
        Paris, water colors, wire
                          & one fantastic scarf.


The Indian Warrior Queen was a fabulous find at the most widly eclectic sale.
The gal had a crazy massive collection of garden decor. We expected to find nothing.
There was a sea of tacky lawn children, plastic frogs, and any animal you can turn into plaster and put in your garden. 
Fortunately for us, strangely - she also had the birds, Eiffel tower and the Warrior Queen.

We stopped by the garden center on the way home because,
quite frankly the weather was too good not to.

Oh, the little shovel and rake?
The tschotske garden ornament lady gave them to me for free. yay free!

                                                                    Yes, we also enjoyed our fare share of silly.
Who wouldn't want to be a reform school girl
with gypsy witch cards? 
xo jeanne.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Miracle Next Door

The house across the street from bees knees bungalow
                              is a 125 year old farm house.
It has potential of being very cool. Unfortunately, it's been neglected.  Long ago, it was broken up into 2 apartments. Then undone, but only 1/2 way.  Then a family moved in and lived there for 30 years. Because it was built before plumbing, bathrooms were added later. Badly.  One had a bathtub going halfway under a wall.  The other had fake plasticy walls.
It was bad. All bad. 

     Just about at this time, we moved in across the street, unaware of the decay next door.  We knew it was old and needed some work. But, we went to work on our house, hoping that the farmhouse people would catch on to the crazy idea of mowing, gardening and home repair.  They didn't. 

     It was quite the opposite.  I totally understand how hard it is to keep up with repairs and maintain a home, but this was more like parties till 3am, piles of cigarettes in the yard and the best of all, a toilet on the front stoop - for months.  It has been the bane of my existence.  For 12 years the Cabinet Maker and I have watched the steady decline and all hope of the house's potential and our own view....deteriorate. Sigh. Many Sighs.
We were seriously hoping it would be demolished. We'd help.

But then. The Miracle. 
The house has been sold. And bought by a house flipper.
     This is epically fantastic. The flipper is fixing it up.
Our hearts leap with visions splendor.  The inside has been taken down to the slats.  Strange concrete has been ripped up.  The bad bathrooms are gone, being replaced by normalcy.  Badly added doors and windows are gone.  I know these details because we have grilled the workers who show up each day.  

A landscaper has even come to survey what should be done.  I am speechless.
A freakin' miracle.

Yesterday they began adding cedar siding.  I about dropped dead.
Today, three subcontractors.  But really, I swear - I'm not spying. 

I'm simply giddy with joy.

The poor house is so disjointed from additions over the years.
But look! A deck has been built, saving the door that went nowhere.

Below, badly done concrete has been removed and we suspect these stairs will soon be fixed.  
(crossing our fingers and toes.)
I have always thought this old door on the garage could be adorable.  Potential.

I've never been happier to see subcontractors in my whole life.

Finally,  this 125 year old house will get the love it deserves.
(Windows were just delivered!)

xo jeanne.

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