Monday, February 27, 2012

The Thrift Store. It got me again.

Okay, I admit it. I'm weak very weak.
It's just that I've got some projects in mind.
An altas, a silver mirror, a fabulous toolbox.
These said projects can only be completed by including old and chippy items.
The more character these items possess, the better. I can't help myself.
I mean really, can I help it if rusty things jump off the shelf and land in my cart? No.
Plus, I've had my tetantus shot.

The world atlas. It's big.  12x14 pages.
I'm thinking of my closet doors...hmmm.
(hint hint.)
I'm always on the lookout for cool jars. These were .99 cents each.

The toolbox was $6.99. I liked the green w/ the cool red label.
Rusty fabulous.

The minnow bucket, well I just liked it.
It's a future light fixture.

The silver mirror is for my wall 'o mirrors.
The toolbox is my fav.
 After all, I'ts streamline quality.

I've banned myself from Goodwill for a week.
xo jeanne.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Her Soul Replied.

I've had a few questions about the quote in my header.
I made it up.
Gals like it. So I made it into a graphic.
It prints out to 8x10 or you can copy and paste to adjust.

Her heart listened.
xo Jeanne.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Story of Carlos.

It was the end of winter. The snow was just melting and grass was peeking through the  melted ice. The streets were still sandy and dirty.
At about 5:00 Paul was just getting home from work.  As he was pulling into the driveway,
he noticed an unfamiliar man walking down our street. 
The man was barefoot. 
He was walking gingerly along the grass and not on the pavement.   The oddity of it was enough for Paul to hang around outside a bit to keep an eye on him.  

Lingering at his truck, Paul turned around and suddenly the man was standing right in front of him.  Startled, Paul said; “Can I help you?”
The man was fatigued, middle aged and Latino.  He said he’d been walking a long time and his feet hurt.  He asked Paul if he had any shoes he could have.

This is the amazing and endearing part –
Paul did not bristle at this disheveled stranger or tell him to go away.

Instead, he asked him his name.
Paul invited him to sit down.
Carlos sat down on the edge of our planter wall. Paul asked to see his feet.
Carlos lifted them for Paul to see, revealing huge open blisters.  Paul saw instantly that this man needed true help.  He asked immediate questions:
“How long have you been walking?”
‘Is there anyone you can call?”
“Where are you trying to get to?”
Paul told Carlos to stay right there, that he’d be right back. Paul went into the house.  He collected bandages, water and a pair of his old sandals we had put in our give away bag.

He went back outside, giving Carlos water to drink.
Paul then poured water over his feet and open blisters to clean them and loosely wrapped then in bandages.  He gave Carlos the sandals.

Carlos told Paul that he’d been with friends the night before but didn’t know where they went.  He didn’t know how long he’d been walking. Clearly, it had been hours. He didn’t know how he’d lost his shoes. Paul knew the story was strange, but didn't feel Carlos was dangerous.

Paul offered his phone and Carlos called someone, but got no answer. He told Paul where he was headed and Paul explained the way to get there. Soon Carlos stood and was on his way.  He did not ask for a ride.

About a half hour or so later, Paul’s cell rang. It was a woman asking who had called her from that number. Paul asked if she knew Carlos. Yes, she was his girlfriend. She was worried and had been looking for him.  Paul told her the direction he had pointed Carlos  a half an hour earlier. She said, yes that was the right way. She thanked Paul for his help and she was going to go find him.

That was when Paul called me and said.  “The strangest thing just happened…..”

For Paul, it was one of those strange things that happen that afterwards you don’t know if it was quite real.   What would you have done?  I absolutely know that I would have been totally freaked out by a strange barefooted man in our driveway.  I am not sure that I would have been so kind.  Paul was. This happened 2 years ago.

 xo Jeanne.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Shelves. Adorable.

I first saw these in Flea Market Style magazine.
Since then, this project has been calling my name.
I was waiting until I found the perfect suitcase and one I wouldn't mind:
Cutting in half.

I knew when I found the blue vintage suitcase last week....
That my new bedroom shelves were in there, waiting to come out.
And they did.

The Cabinet Maker made them for me. (quite handy.)
I brought home the suitcase on Saturday. He finished them on Wednesday. Yay!

Here's how he did it:
  • He cut the suitcase in half with a table saw.
  • He cut 3/4" plywood to size, made a 'French Cleat'. These are the slanted pieces of wood. One is attached to the piece in the suitcase, the other is screwed to the wall.
  • He placed the 3/4 ply with 1/2 of the cleat attached in the case, glued it in, then clamped it to dry.
  • When dry, he mounted the remaining piece of the cleat to the wall, using drywall screws.
  • Then  he ply matched the case to the mount and hung it. The french cleat pieces fit snugly together like a puzzle.

I pulled my chalkware statues over.
I've had the bike wheel and toy shovel for a while.
I've just been waiting to use them.
I thought the 'wack' was appropriate. Because I am.

 Mission Accomplished.
Not a bad project for $14.99 - the cost of the suitcase.
It's a seriously charming addition to my bedroom.

Bev looks fabulous as shelves, don't you think?

xo Jeanne.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

She Got Lucky at the Thrift Store.

No, it wasn't tall, dark and handsome. It was short, blue and vintage.
I spotted the suitcase first.
$14.99.  Sturdy, good bones and not musty.
I immediately saw the possibility of my new bedroom shelves in that old suitcase.
(cabinet maker has a new project!)
Just as I was about to wind it up and head to the checkout.....
The tin sink.
My tears from missing the one in Oronoco began to all dry up.
I scooped it up faster than you could say;
"Wouldn't that have been cute in last week's pantry feature?!"

I really like the hardware on the suitcase.
The clasps are metal and all intact.  The top and bottom are flat - shelf worthy.
The Monarch logo is super cool. It has 1/2 an old travel tag on it.
It belonged to Bev from Cincinnati. So, clearly - I've named it Bev.

My sink. My new old sink, $9.99.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet. there is no way I could leave at Goodwill.
It's door is a little kittywampus but still...
  It really would have been great in the pantry pics.  Sigh.

Then... 6 plate hangers.  99 cents each.
I always grab these and stash them for when I need them.
It's better then running to find them when I'm in the middle of a project.

Mine. All mine. But I can share.

xo Jeanne.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Pantry goes to Market.

At Bees Knees Bungalow in all the posts I’ve done during the past year, there’s one thing I’ve kept under wraps. In my kitchen I have a pantry. I haven’t shown it because it hasn’t been worthy. Until now. BlogHer was kind enough to contact me and ask me to do a “Quick Fix” project. Hmmm. What to do? What could I do in a day? Ah ha! The Pantry. It had been neglected and cluttered. I put my big girl creativity pants on and got to work.
Now, the pantry is perfectly presentable.

The pantry was originally a closet in our entry way. About 5 years ago my husband, the cabinet maker, closed it off and opened up a wall in our kitchen making the pantry. He made the shelves and painted the walls yellow. It was time for the yellow to go.
Here’s the before: Scary!

The Paint - 
I got to work clearing out, dusting and throwing away. I painted the walls and ceiling with beige "Oops" paint I already had. I painted the shelves a creamy white, paint I also had on hand. Already, so much better.

The Letters -
I bought these for $5 at an antique show last summer. They are cardboard vintage game pieces. I didn’t want to be normal and say “cans” or “cereal.” So I searched for quotes and found ones I like. I set to work with my letters and stuck them on with glue and a q-tip.  Instant charm.

The Market Sign -
I made this myself with a ½ inch board, 45" x 17". I painted the board 2 coats of white. I transferred "Market" onto the board with transfer paper and painted the letters black. To age it, I "stained" it with a mix of glaze and brown paint, then rubbed it off.
Then, I sanded it with sand paper.

Putting Things Back -
I wanted the main view looking in not to look so cluttered. I put the prettier things like storage jars and planters in view.  Cereal and soup cans are hidden on the side. I put my corn oil/vegetable oil in a minnow bucket because they can be messy to store. Plus, the bucket is cool. I took the kid’s lunch supplies (juice boxes, granola bars, etc.) out of its original packaging and placed them in a container or tin. If that tin happens to be fabulously vintage, even better. It saves space and the kids don’t leave the empty boxes behind.  (Bonus for me!)

The Wire Colander Light -
This was a $12 purchase last summer that was waiting for a home. The cabinet maker was handy and attached it to a $5 base. Adorable.

My pantry takes a bow. It took a total of 8 hours to complete.
The finished product matches the rest of the kitchen.
It’s organized, it’s whimsical - maybe I’ll cook.

xo Jeanne.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Truly I do.

I was in the mood.
(pun intended for valentine's day)
So I made a snappy graphic for you.
Save it to your pc. It prints out to 8x10. 
Or you can play with the size if you copy and paste it into a document.

"I love you truly."
The #1 hit song in the United States in 1912.

I love you guys, truly I do. Enjoy!
xo Jeanne.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My First Job. It was 1985...

A few girlfriends and I were discussing job options for my daughter.
She's 17 and itching for her 1st paycheck.
This launched us into sharing our own first jobs
 A hoot!  Here’s mine:

 It was 1985. My mother was a member of  “Mona Lisa Spa.” She went frequently.
The owner decided they needed a new employee. My mother told them about me.
 I was 18.  I got the job.
Now here’s the thing.  Mona Lisa really wasn’t really a spa or a gym.  It was a throwback place right out of the 60’s and 70’s.  MAYBE you’d see a gal on a bike but the main reason they came was the Spring Machine. It probably had a fancier name. 
"Effortless Beauty" or something like that.  But all I remember are the gigantic metal springs.

Here's how it worked: Basically, older gals would come in at their appointed time, step into a giant machine that was made of bars and ginormous heavy duty springs.  I would hook them up into these machines. In a standing position, I’d wrap their bodies into it. I’d adjust the tension, turn on the machine. They’d stand there as huge springs vigorously ran up and down their bodies.. .for like 20 minutes.  Seriously.  I am not kidding you.

I couldn't find a graphic of the machine anywhere, but picture this one,
except vertical w/ more bars and springs heading upwards.

(smoking and reading, my kind of workout.)

There’d be 4 to 5 ladies going at once in all these machines. It was quite loud.
While they were ‘being rubbed’ and their cellulite was shakin’ away, they’d chat or read the paper. There was one hazard – boob smash. One time I was off on my adjustment and it went too high, and the springs had a field day on one poor old gal's bosom.  One super annoying lady would come in, read the paper wearing gloves, then just drop the papers on the floor as she was done with each page. Then not pick them up. She’d just step out of the machine and  leave the papers scattered everywhere.  
This drove me insane.
Her and those stupid white gloves still annoy me 25 years later.

Mona Lisa had one of these too:

I swear it was 1985 and not 1965.
The women would drill me on the college classes I was taking and how many credits I had. They basically scared me half to death.
But I survived. That was my first foray into empl0yment.
I never actually USED the spring machine myself, thank goodness.
But, back in those days I was a mere 100 lbs.

Ohhhhh to be 18 again!

xo Jeanne.

Friday, February 3, 2012

One More on the Closet Door.

Or doors, as the case may be.
Thanks for your patience this week.
I've been working on a project that you'll see soon.
(insert silly grin here.)
As I toil away on that, The Cabinet Maker has installed the doors in our bedroom.
He's completed the door frame and they're in.

I'm mighty happy about that. Boards and power tools are out of the bedroom.
(Wait, that doesn't sound quiet right.....muhaa haaa.)

 Just three weekends ago Linda and I were painting the room,
when she mentioned she had doors.

Bam. Here they are. Love it! No more Hobbit.
I just need to fill those holes in the top with plaster and paint the jamb. Can do.

Enough on the doors, full bedroom debut soon!
(not to worry, the glass on the doors won't be see through for long.....)
xo Jeanne.

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