Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Schminter.

Remember when I said winter must be on it's way?
Maybe Old Man Winter took the ice skates on the front door way too seriously.
On Sunday, winter came and buried my fairy garden.
I hope the fairies have warm winter coats!

It buried my railing bench too. 
 Okay, it's pretty.  But still. 'They' said 4-5 inches.  I think they were off my 5.
The kids are praying school is closed.
What can I say. I'm not a winter girl. I admit it.

I had no choice but to stay inside, fold laundry, make gallons of hot cocoa,
venture out to shovel the driveway, unbury the cars, 
come back in and do a crafty project (I'll show you asap),
& play with my new adorable retro type writer!
Yay! The bright side. Retro Happiness to console myself.

Stay tuned for the craftiness.
(You're more than welcome to come shovel.The driveway needs another go.)
xo jeanne.


  1. I hate snow - sorry you got so much! It's raining here in Ontario Canada - I hope the snow stays away - here's hoping your fairies do have coats!

  2. My husband is on his way to Minnesota right now. He is going to be spending the next two weeks in Red Wing. Poor guy, hopefully some of that snow will go away as he is not used to it! But, boy, is it pretty!

  3. Oh, your snow is beautiful ! Send it down to Chi-town--we didn't get any, so we've set a new record for the latest date ever for the first measurable snow!! I m praying for some. :-)


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