Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Vintage Bedspread That Wasn't.

Oh so close.
I spotted it at a thrift store.
All the tell tale signs of a vintage chenille bedspread. 
Heavy cotton. Perfect blue. Simple design. 
A miraculous $5.99.  
A shopper equally as awestruck as I helped me inspect it for holes. None. 
It passed the test. Sold.
As pulled it out of the washing machine I spied a non-vintage clue. 
The white chenille seemed a bit too pilly for a spread that would be old.

If it were truly vintage
The white criss crossy chenille would have surely lost it's cottony fluff by now.
There was just too much fluffy pill stuck to it as I pulled it from the washer.
Once dry, I inspected the back stitching further. It looked good, old.
I went around the edges looking for a tag.
And there it was.
A brand spankin' new 'made in India' tag.  Curses!

Perhaps it's a Laura Ashwell?
I'm not sure. Does anyone know what the brand it may be?

Oh well. No matter.
It still looks fab and the colors are good. 
For six bucks, I'm not complaining. 
(Well, maybe a little.)

xo jeanne.


  1. It looks beautiful and I am still laughing over the Laura Ashwell. I least you have kept your sense of humor. The other good thing is that when you no longer want it for a bedspread you will not feel guilty making pillows, stuffed animals, purses, all the things that people make with the vintage ones that have fallen apart and folks are trying to salvage at least a little of the memory.

  2. A truest after my own heart. I hear ya'. But it does look good.

  3. Perhaps it's an "older" Shabby Chic branded quilt Target used to carry...

  4. It may not be "vintage" but it looks lovely!

  5. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

  6. Everything had to be purchased at one time and loved to make it to a vintage standing. Your beautiful find is just a little pre-vintage. Which makes it even more of a bargain because now you can use it everyday and not worry about wear and tear. Lucky you! :)


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