Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Story of The Snowman Family Carolers.

Found at garage sale 5 years ago run by two darling little old sisters
I remember it well. It made my day.
The sisters were darling and so was the snowman family.
It caught my eye right away with it's retro charm.

"How much for the snowman family?"  I dare asked.
"Oh, four dollars. Our little brother made it in 1964."  The darling sisters said.
"I'll take it!"  I was cool, tried to not look too giddy as I handed over my four bucks.

Since that warm July afternoon, it's been stored in the rafters in our garage.  
 I only used it the Christmas after I bought it.  
Why have I not pulled it out every year?? Crazy. 

I think I was worried it would get ruined.
But this year, it's perfect with the blue door and they are so very fun.
The sisters were super proud that it came with a sturdy stand. 
(made by the little brother 40 years ago.)
It was so cute that they asked $4 and not $5. 

They lamented because the dad snowman has a repaired head - thus the discount.
It's big, about two feet tall and thanks to the stand, sits upright on it's own.
I have not seen anything like it before or since.
This is one of my favorite decorations. 
Why have I not enjoyed it more?
It's like using not your wedding dishes or saving the good stuff.
Why do we do that? 

So this year, the Christmas lights and snowmen are out of the rafters.
We're enjoying them and hope the neighbors are too.

xo jeanne.


  1. What a marvelous find and it is perfect on your porch...happy holidays....Oma Linda

  2. Those snowmen are adorable! When the weather warms up, give them a good coat of non-yellowing polyurethane to keep the paint from fading. They're too cute to be stored away and not used!


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