Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lucky Me. Chenille Stockings after all.

The elusive white Christmas stockings.
The goal: finding them vintagey white and fabulously on sale.  
(picky and on-the-cheap sometimes don't always mix. damn.)

This year, I painted the new 'have yourself a merry christmas tar paper project' 
and hung it above my mantel.   With defeat, I also hung the old country stockings.  
Resigned to resume the search for perfectly fabulous and perfectly on sale white stockings.

However, I have some very detailed friends. Very darling detailed friends. 
The kind that spot things before you point them out. 
They offer their help before you even ask. 
Along came a dear friend who took pity on my stocking plight and offered to sew white ones.
Really, truly? How do I deserve such kindess?

A week later, my mother-in-law's old chenille bedspread was found in a closet.
Ripped and begging to be repurposed, a cutter.  
A mere few days later... white chenille stockings hung on my mantel.
Giant grateful hugs to this wonderful gal who offered her wonderful talent.

A few of the kids gave me some guff.  "Plain white?!!  Boring!!"  
The whole chenille effect was lost on them. Sigh.
But as soon as they found out the new ones were just as big
 & would hold the same amount of loot, they relaxed.

"But how will we know whose is who's?" they cried. 
That's where the tags came in.
I made them with office supplies.  I'm handy with paper and glue.
They received the family seal of approval and Santa filled them to the brim.

That is the story of how my white stocking came to fruition.
They really are vintagey white & even better than on sale.
They were made by a dear friend.
Thank You SB!

xo jeanne.

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