Monday, December 3, 2012

Skating into Winter...kinda.

It really must be true.
Winter must truly be approaching.
I know this because it's the only possible reason why I'd hang ice skates on my front door.
Being as winter in Minnesota isn't my favorite season, 
one way to get through it is to surround myself with all things adorable.
In this case, adorable made on the cheap.
With a pair of sufficiently aged white skates bought at Goodwill.
Greenery from Michael's.
A delightful little bird I'd saved that was originally on a gift I'd received.
Decorating Co-Captain Linda donated the vintage-y silver leaves
and the old photo to the cause.  
(tip: it's taped to a craft stick and tucked into the boot.)

And all put together in record time.
Paired on my front door.

They accompany the 2nd reason I know it's wintertime, 
the snowman family below:

Their story comes in the next post.
(they are adorable and how I got them is too.)
Stay tuned.

xo jeanne.

1 comment:

  1. What cute skates! And I love the little birdie on their tippy toe!


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