Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Now THIS is funny. Oh, what I would say to this young girl.

While going over my daughter's senior pictures, I couldn't help thinking of my own.
Wait....Let me correct that:
                       My senior picture - as there was only one to choose from.
                                                                             I'm talking 1984.

There was no location scouting, no props, no wardrobe changes. 
More than likely, I used my mom's make-up. On the sly.
Then I walked the one mile to my high school.  I went into a classroom to meet the same photographer that every other senior in my class used.  I sat on a stool and the photo dude told me to crane my neck into the most unthinkable position possible, then look up, up into my bright and happy future....*snap!*  
That was it.  
 Afterwards, my friend Louise and I walked downtown to hangout someplace. 
Something wild like buy a Coke and go to the park.  Party Animals.
Me and my rad make-up. Courtesy of Estee' Lauder.
The hair was a party all on it's own. Dig those feathers. Thank you Farrah.
I am sure the sweater wasn't mine and I probably never wore it again. 
Thank god.

Here's a few things I'd say to this brown haired, blue eyed girl if I had the chance:

Youth!  How we waste it!! 
I'm done wasting it.

xo jeanne.
(who is older, wiser and much more fabulous in 2012.)


  1. LOL loved your post. My senior pics were in the same era as you. We looked GOOD as chics of the 80's.


  2. I was thinking how incredibly beautiful you are in that pic! Those eyes are killer and that skin is divine. And I suspect you were right in style for the times!
    I graduated in 1976. What I would do to have the skin and body I had then!

  3. We are the same age and I happen to think your picture is lovely. I had the same hair and maybe heavier makeup. And the class motto was " Sex, drugs, guys galore, we're the class of '84". Maybe it was a trashy chics motto. You look kinda G here. Like you were singing the Rainbow Connection with that girlfriend over your coke. Yet I know we would have had a lot in common besides angst.

  4. I had to do a double take. I thought it was my senior picture!! Same hair, same smile, same craning neck. Oh brother.


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