Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's go! I'll drive.

Come with me.
Let’s steal away and shop for cozy soft sweaters.
Warm boots and good ass jeans.
Let’s buy new makeup then eat a great lunch.
Let’s sit it in a coffee shop reading books.
Let’s giggle over nothing and people watch.

Let’s tell each other sad stories then make ourselves feel better.
Let’s talk about people.
Let’s go Christmas shopping and find wonderful little gifts for our friends.
Let’s find just the right thing for our spouses.

We’ll find old chippy things that we didn’t know existed but suddenly desperately need.
We’ll look thin and fabulous in everything we try on. And it will be on sale.
Let’s swear too much and chew great gum.
We’ll annoy the sales people with our quick stylish wit.
The outlook will be bright and sunny but the air crisp, so we know we are alive.
Let’s go. 

xo jeanne.


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