Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Christmas in a Suitcase.

While on Pinterest today, I saw something and I quickly thought;
"I am totally doing that."  

So I went home and I did it.  
With all my vintage suitcase success at sales this past summer, 
The little gold tree I'd found for .15 cents and had stashed away,
The Merry Christmas banner I'd bought for last year but never used,
I knew I could pull it together.

The greenery is a craft wreath I had. I bent it to fold and fit inside the suitcase.
The church I've had for a few years, just did something new with it this year.
The little key hanging up there? It came w/ the case.  Cute and handy.

The table is in my entryway. 
I grew up with it and my parents gave it to me when I moved to Minnesota.
 I painted it the past summer. 
(Sorry Pop! I couldn't resist. I know you are turning over in your grave.) 

Yes, had all this on hand.  This is why keep my stash of old things.
I whipped it up in about 15 minutes.
Yes, that little gold tree was really .15 cents.

Thanks for the Pinspiration. 
I traced the original pin (now on my Christmas board on Pinterest) 
back here to find a fab virtual Christmas decor tour. Enjoy.

I bought the suitcase over the summer at josiejones,
a wonderful occasional sale and 2 gals with an awesome site.
Sure to inspire.

xo jeanne.


  1. That is so adorable, and a great way to use those vintage suitcases. I have three, sitting empty, but looking darn cute.

  2. Thanks for the link! I love anything in a vintage suitase! That project is so cute!

  3. Thanks for's wonderful and clever and oh so tempting. Oma Linda

  4. I have a vintage suitcase out and was planning to leave it closed and arrange a vignette on top, but now, I just may have to open it!

  5. You are one good copy looks outstanding! Would love to have you share it at my party on Monday.


  6. Christmas in a suitcase? Who would have thought? That is too sweet!

  7. What a great idea, and so cute! Don't you just love to put your own spin on an idea? Thanks for the link where I could get even more inspiration.

  8. Really really cute. Made it yours and then some. The scale is spot on too. Thank you for the upcycle and share.

    1. Cool! I've added a 'reply' button. Good. whew.
      Thanks everyone. It's fun to walk in my front door and see this lovely little display instead of a pile of shoes.

      xoxo Jeanne.


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