Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Bruce to Supporting your Hi-Balls.

Whew.  I'm back. Though I really never left and I didn't really go anywhere. 
Well, not nowhere.   There have been a few adventures.

I went on a fabulously wonderfully relaxing scrapbooking weekend. 
I planned on coming right home and showing my pages off.
But then I came back to a house full of children and laundry.  Reality closed in quickly.
My camera and those carefully crafted pages laughed and mocked me: 
"Like you'll have time to blog about us."   They were so rude! 
I decided to ignore them completely.   I'll blog on Monday night, I told myself.   

But then a miracle happened.  Bruce Springsteen was in town.  My heart was pitter pattery.
I looked online, tickets were available. I bought one FOR MYSELF, and went alone.
This is huge.
It was like I burned my bra and fried up my bacon in a pan.  It was awesome.

On Tuesday I continued living in an alternate universe.  I heard a former Navy SEAL speak and posed with a faux assault rifle.  Again, fabulous and extremely badass of me.

Tuesday night quickly morphed into Thursday night and all hope of blogging flew out the window.  Especially when giant blue eyed Monica looked at me and said; 
"Mama, do you want to play cards?"   Yes, of course, bring 'em on.  Blog Schmog.

Over the weekend, I popped into Goodwill.  
I found this interesting little box. Full of tiny little jock straps.  Hmmm, now that's new.

Athletic Coaster Supporters.  
Every good party needs one.
Sadly, Jox #3 is missing. 
That means only you and your two closest friends
 can enjoy keeping your hi-balls well supported.
Or, perhaps if one of my friends has only one Nad.....
I've got the perfect inappropriate gift ready to go.  "Here Joe, #4 just for you."

Cheers! Gross! Eww!!!

They are a perfect cap-off to my busy week.
I promise to get on with the business of showing you the scrapbook pages.  
They are pretty darn fab and worth the wait. I brag.

Let's have a great week!
xo jeanne.

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  1. Um, You saw the Boss alone. I am not worthy. And Your goodwill shop find was the bomb. Cheers, Gross, Eww,Cool.


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