Monday, November 5, 2012

Breezeway Progress: Pt. 2.

The Walls.
On Saturday,  I was able to finish putting up the sheet music. 
Easy, but time consuming.  Relaxing actually. 
I used piano music books I've gotten at book sales and picked up for free at garage sales. 

I used wallpaper paste.  ($20 bottle at Home Depot)
I used an Exacto knife and cut the pages out of the books. 
The room is 10x10 and used 3 books.
I simply brushed the paste on each page and stuck them up, securing and smoothing ask I went along with a large moist sponge.  I didn't worry too much about being level.
The cut of each page edge lined up as I went along. 
I thought about using regular book pages, but i liked the bigger sheets from the piano books. (less pasting and hanging!)

(naughty decorating disclaimer: I did go right on top of the existing wall paper. I just didn't see the point of stripping it all off since I wasn't painting. And, this is basically a mud room with no insulation - we won't be hanging out in the room - so, I opted to just simply paper over the paper.)

The Floor
It was a mess. 
It was Mike the Dog's mudroom.  No matter how hard I scrubbed, it would not come clean.
So I scrubbed it twice more, then sanded it.  Then painted it.
It was not glamorous and it's not done yet.

It's come a long way.  
This is still just the bones.
It's starting to find it's personality.
More to come!
{I think i should get some sort of award for showing a picture of someone
who looks a lot like me scrubbing the floor on hands and knees. 
The other one is of the Cabinet Maker... he had that one comin'.}

xo jeanne.

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  1. I'm glad to know that you put that paper over paper....I just couldn't imagine later on having to remove the multiple pages. LOL!

    Looks beautiful!


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