Monday, November 26, 2012

A Big merry little Christmas.

My Christmas mantle has been the same for the past few years. 
I was itchy to change it up.
So I did. Big. Very Big.
This is not chalk board. This is not chalk.
This is tar paper. The letters are painted with acrylic craft paint.

I did another project with tar paper a few years ago when the blog was new 
 and I wanted to try it again, only this time on grander scale. 
  • I found the crown at The Graphics Fairy.
  • I designed and added lettering on my computer, printed it out, took it to Kinko's and enlarged it 500%.
  • Then transferred it to my measured out tar paper with white transfer paper. 
  • (You could also trace it on with an overhead projector if it was pre-hung.)
  • Then painted it all. It took about an hour and a half to paint.  Once coat only. I painted it flat on my kitchen table, hung it when dry.
  • My mantle space is 78" by 33".  
  •  I wanted to fill the whole space and add a punch to the room.
  • The tar paper is heavy and is hung with think double sided tape. 
  •  I will probably add sticky velco for added security.  I don't want it falling down in the middle of the night.  
  • The snowflakes are hung with fishing line.

I have a bit more decorating to do. 
But I'm pretty proud of myself for tackling this early and getting to enjoy it all month.

Oh, and this super fabulous merry little project cost me all of $12
The cost of the enlarging. 

xo jeanne.
(now if I can just fine the elusive white stockings!!)


  1. Amazing! I love the hanging snowflakes which just give it a great dimension. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a really impressive project. I love love love it. High end at low cost is what we are all about. White tree too cool too.

  3. i could really use RED!!!!

    Gloria in Virginia

  4. Tar paper!!!!???? lol Now that is thinking out side the box. I would never have guessed. Just genius.

  5. Love your Mantle, Jeanne, and totally love your creativity!!.... miss you lots,


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