Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A 'Hotel' room I could stay in every night.

The Bedroom.
Now that old doors are the headboard
I set my sights on improving the opposite wall.
I liked the idea of a vintage hotel sign. 
So I made a dresser into one.

I've also moved around some pictures. 
While I was at it, my jewelry storage had become just plain messy.
I took care of that too.

I took a frame, painted it grey and distressed it.
I bought the wire at a garage sale for .10 cents.  I attached it with a staple gun.
I bought the shoe horns at the Carriage House Sale for $3 each.
Instant Jewelry Frame.

The wire is a perfect holder for some vintage brooches.
The little fawn is stylin' holding my vintage bracelets.
The train case holds and hides little pieces from view.

I've driven myself to the brink of insanity tonight 
                                          trying to find my 'before' pictures of the dresser.

I did not find them. I've searched for an hour. 
Do your best to picture a dull yellow/cream finish with really bad knobs from 1975.

These white porcelain ones were from a stash at a garage sale. 
I knew they'd come in handy.

I chose "hotel" because I'm going for relaxation.
A private getaway. Spa. Sleep. 
Time to watch a movie from start to finish.
That's the goal.

Can you feel it?

xo jeanne.


  1. That's really cool jewelry storage!

  2. I admire the design of this hotel room. So many baubles that adds to the design. Instead of curtains, they have plantation shutters melbourne.

  3. Pretty good work on the decor. If any hotels in hyde park are furnished anywhere near that, then picking out a place to stay for our holiday will be that much easier.

  4. Forget about just staying for a night or two. I'm buying an apartment with interiors like that so I can come home to it every day.

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