Monday, September 10, 2012

THIS is why we love garage sales.

Someplace in Minneapolis....Honestly I don't know where. 
I could drive there, but I couldn't tell you the name of the neighborhood.
I can tell you this - It was their first ever organized citywide sale.
Which means we were there faster than you can say;
                                                 "Grande white mocha, please."

Yes. We went insane.
It was like we had magic wands of garage sale happiness.
 Plus, the neighborhood was drop dead gorgeous

 Oops. I found another suitcase. It was $2
(sheesh. like I could leave it behind.)

 Lucky me - I had a volunteer to carry it.

There was bits and pieces. Some picking and patience.
We were cool, calm and collected as we made our way thru over 30 sales.

We were down right giddy in the car though.
Because we scored stuff like this: 


That little camera up there? 
Um...... wait for it..............50 cents.  
Fifty. Cents. 

The cool door knocker, I had only seen this 'hand' style recently.
When we stumbled upon it..the gal wanted $10. I offered $8. Sold!

Below, The army trunks
Super cool. Seriously fabulous. Completely had us at hello.
Linda bought one, I bought the other.

Last but not least.
The crazy bunch of furniture was found at ONE sale. You will soon see it 'shuzzed' and tweaked and in the Carriage House Sale at the end of the month.  Soon!

It took us 2 trips back to Minneapolis to get it. 
We rewarded our tired selves with Mocha Frappe's.

I told you it was fabulous.
We're still in shock.
xo jeanne.


  1. How are you finding out about garage sales anywhere in the Cities? I live about an hour north, but I'm in Elk River daily. It's just a hop and a skip from there, and I'd love to see some of these fabulous garage sales.

  2. "It was like we had magic wands of garage sale happiness."
    I love it! What an amazing garage saling day-totally fabulous! I'm sooo jelly, but it's fun to live it vicariously through you! :)

  3. The fixtures,the knocker, the trunks, the chairs. I moaned as I ate those pictures with my eyeballs. Part envy for the days when I was a seller of stuff and hunted too. And part joy for your giddy haul. Can't wait to see what your touch brings to them.

  4. I am not kidding you...I would have completely flipped out~! What an AWESOME BUNCH of sales!! And I might would have asked, ever so sweetly, if I could just take a peek inside their houses....just sayin'

    Lou Cinda :)

    I might would have driven from Alabama to Minneapolis for this...

  5. Wow what an awesome garage sale find! You totally hit the jackpot! It's funny how the little things like that make us creative minded-people so happy! A sale like that kinda makes me wonder why we left Minnesota! (Oh wait bc its cold there) :)


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