Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheap Eats!

This is seriously the easiest craft project ever.
It could be done with your eyes closed while doing a handstand. While singing.
Really, if you can use a can of spray paint - you're in.

I've seen other projects with painted cardboard letters.
Usually giving a tutorial on painting layers and how to get a patina look.
It worked - but that stopped me. Because I don't have time or patience for layers. 

A few months ago I picked up an "A" and an "E" at Goodwill. Precious vowels. .99 cents each. "They'll come in handy for something." I thought. And tucked them away.
Last week I bought a "T" at JoAnn's.  With the handy dandy JoAnn smartphone app, I saved 40% with a coupon on my phone.  Cool.   
  • At my local hardware store, I bought Silver Metallic spray paint. $3.49.                                        I spray painted the letters. One coat.
  • I let them dry overnight, then sanded them with sand paper.  Done. Easy peasy.

They were instantly cool with just the spray paint. But took on the metal/stainless steel and depth look once they were sanded.  I didn't do anything special to them. 
The layered look just happens with the sanding.

Here's one letter sprayed and sanded, the other just spray painted:

After brushing off the silver dust the sanding created...
  • I stuck removable double sided mounting squares to their backs. (found in frame isle of the craft store.) Removable, because I didn't want to damage my painted diamond on my kitchen wall.
  • I simply stuck them to the wall.  

This project cost me under $10. 
It looks fabulous in my kitchen. I am boasting. 
Keep your eyes out for A's and E's. 
They could come in handy!

xo jeanne.


  1. They look fantastic! I love the Jo-Ann's app & the Richfield store can final just scan your phone.

  2. Jeanne,
    I did this yesterday. I waited as long as I could, maybe an hour, for the paint to dry and then sanded with a 150 grit sanding sponge. Mine is still all silver, no black on the letters like yours, but the letters look just like galvanized metal. I will send you a picture when I get them mounted.
    Thanks for the idea. And I really love your blog!

  3. These look so awesome, Jeanne...I'll have to try it! Thanks so much for stopping by at Junk Bonanza!! Sorry I was in such brain fog!


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