Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Truly Vintage: Garage Sale Score.

With no neighborhood sales to be found,
We took our chances and headed into Minneapolis anyway.
Keeping a keen eye out for garage sale signs. (We like good signage.)
Teen and Mini Sherpa's were in tow. (daughters who've been taught the ropes.)
A good thing too, 'cause we need their arms to help us carry the haul -
                                                           'Cuz we Scored.

Oh, the film reels up there? Um... free.
Given to us by the most darling couple. 
Yes, free.

One of the most fun finds was the vintage party dress.
As we were loading it into our car, the owner came running up to  us. 
She wanted to say that she'd made the jacket when she was a girl.
 And, that the dress had seen many fun parties.
How cute is that?!
The same people who gave us the film reels had the most fantastic things.
They were clearing out their mother's home. They were so kind.
We found the small cabinet, scale, sifters and more.

We stumbled upon a "man sale."
It was a mish mash of manstuff. Piles. No order whatsoever.
But worth a look and a bit of digging.  Eureka!

We found the little meter up there, the wire.. and oh..
 The rolling wire laundry basket. 
I've been looking for one for a year.
They are untouchable. We haven' t seen anything under $69 - minimum. 
 Super hard to find even if you're lucky.
This one.... $2.  
Bam! Sold to the woman who tried to look calm and cool.

Then, more sifting, Linda came across 
This jar full of fabulously painted and rusty
tiny pulleys. (.50 cents - seriously.)

After nearly suffering exhaustion from shock and giddiness, we went home. 
We unloaded, took pictures.
And 'had refreshments.'

xo jeanne.


  1. What great findS. Love the party dress and scales. So much vintage cuteness. What are you going to do with it all?

    I'm a relatively new follower.

  2. Oh wow! What a fabulous haul you brought home, I'd be celebrating with some wine too. Love the laundry basket, I found one a few weeks ago and tried not to look too excited. That pink dress is so much fun. Love it all!

  3. SCORE!!!! what fabulishousness!!! adoring those pullies and can already seem them in your junk jewels! I have a vintage laundry cart like that but with a great chippy read painted bottom and was just thinking of selling it off as our laundry room is just too tiny....hmmm decisions decisions!

  4. Nice finds! Love your living room makeover!
    I have issues with our flat screen TV too! Haven't found the right piece for it..maybe a dresser??

  5. Loving that box of baubles! Well done you!

  6. Wow...SO jealous here! I've had a rolling wire laundry basket on my want list for years!! But like you, they have been way too pricey, Can't wait for the sales to start back up here in Ohio!

  7. I seriously need to go with you! I will even just follow you in my car, lol. I never see anything like this in the sales in the North suburbs. Maybe I have to venture into the city, but I get so lost in Mpls!


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