Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Garage Sale Whisperers.

Decorating Co-Captain Linda compiled a most impressive garage sale list.
(It was complete with mapquest instructions from one sale to the next.) 
It was mind boggling. Much better than I could have ever done. 
She's the map lady. I'm the driver.

With directions, I can't be trusted. 
But, I'm adept at deciphering her hand movements as to which way to turn. 
It's like synchronized swimming for cheap people.
For this adventure, we traveled out of Minnesota and into Wisconsin.

We drove.  A Lot. 
We had the handy dandy mapquested routes.
We stopped at numerous McDonald's for $1.00 drinks.
We bought more Diet Coke and Iced Tea than we did actual garage sale finds. 
We did not not find our haul.

But we did have a laugh riot.  Deliriously happy with rolling cornfields.
Not to worry, we did find a few gems.

I bought some wood hangers for a quarter each.
We stopped at a flea market and found some perennial hens and chicks.  
(i've been looking for them all summer. mission accomplished.)
Linda found a box of reading flash cards that we quickly skewed with humor.

  How do we decode and decipher?
Who does what?!

 I can decipher her hand motions.  Linda can decode my strange language. 

Linda example:  
Her hands crazily fly through the air. 
Which could mean there is a fly in the car - or her hand's gone spastic.  
But I know it means: Turn Right Here. Now.

Jeanne example:  
I may say; "My eyeballs like that thingy over there."
Linda knows it means: 
"Quick, go give the lady $1.00 for that old clock before someone else gets it."
Or: "Good Lord, that dude is gorgeous."

See, it's a perfect system. 
Even in Wisconsin.
xo jeanne.


  1. Laughed out loud at my desk at the "It's like synchronized swimming for cheap people." comment.

    Thanks for the laugh - it's such a nice thing to do for people. Especially people stuck inside today. :)

  2. Glad I found your blog - your chatsy humour reminds me of me and a friend. It sounds like great moments and you captured them with your words ...

  3. New to your blog and love it! Your yard sale adventure reminds me of my summer Saturday mornings here in NC with my true and tried friend. We love looking for finds and joke that we must be shopping for items for our own yard sale... :-) sometimes we wonder why we bought what we did. I'll be back... Looking for the post that shows how your glider find turned out.


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