Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Laundry List. (and just plain laundry.)

 Last Friday, I vowed to have a self induced:
'No makeup, ugly hair weekend full of cleaning and laundry.'
It was scary, or rather, I was scary.  But the clothes are clean.

However, since I have a problem with relaxation.... surprise!!
I also tackled the garden, pulling a few weeds and hacking down what was overgrown.

and ... I began to work and on projects that have been waiting their turn.

1. Metal typing chair and old wood desk. 
   I giggle when I think of the changes these will undergo.

2.  A cute little bedside table. 
     Dig those handles! 
     Charm will ooze from this when I'm done.
     Even primed, it's already better.

3.  I scooted on over to the scooter.
    The vinyl on the underside of the seat was ripped.
It had to go. With the vinyl off, the wooden seat disintegrated in my hands. One thin piece was left, enough to trace out a new one. Now - to paint it.

4.  Remember the glider redo? 
    It's been waiting patiently for a repair.
    I was able to beg wrangle down the Cabinet Maker to fix it.
    Now I will do what I really want to it.

If i could just figure out a way to paint with one hand, 
fold clothes with the other...
then feed the kids, walk the dog, pet the cat... 
do the dishes, dust...


xo jeanne.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job of it so far! I was just gasping at how much you accomplished in one weekend. It's a shame we have clean our takes so much fun time away.

    Gloria in Virginia

  2. Multi Tasking! It is what us women are known for! lol Can't wait to see the changes you do!

    Lou Cinda

  3. I just wish I could get the laundry done...that would make me happy. It is a funny thing about multiples

  4. Its great to make a little changes by converting old things into new by doing slight amendments. Its not only the source of time pass but sometimes makes your useless things valuable.


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