Monday, August 20, 2012

We are not hoarders. I swear.

Yes, there was another citywide garage sale.
Of course Linda and I went.
We couldn't help ourselves. It's an annual thing.
The force of garage sale gravity compelled us.
Fortunately, this wacky gravity was good to us.

'tis true. I found (more) vintage suitcases. 
(can you ever have enough?!)
I paid $6 for the big one. $3 for the smaller one. True story.
 It's my summer of the suitcase.

And..... a few more things.

Really, I swear we're not hoarders.
We're just fabulous decorators on-the-cheap.

I'm changing out a few rooms in my house.
Linda's getting ready for her Fall Carriage House Sale.

(the citywide sale was in a suburb of St. Paul, MacGrove.)

xo jeanne.


  1. Love all your new finds! Cant wait to see what you create!

  2. Those are great finds! I keep telling myself the same thing :)

  3. HI! I live in the Twin Cities and I am just wondering how you find about which neighborhoods/cities are having their annual or city-wide garage sales? My husband and I love to go but living just North of the cities we like to know there are going to be a lot of places to stop!?! Also, the city of Hopkins (Interlachen) neighborhood has their annual garage sale this Saturday. Just an FYI :) Thanks!


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