Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project Sneak Peak: Patio Glider Redo

I spotted this piece a few years ago at a garage sale.
I thought it had potential so I shelled out the five bucks. Or was it eight?
For at least 3 years the poor thing has been sitting on my back deck. 
Becoming weather worn and neglected, waiting for me to explore that potential.
I recently sold the wicker set on my front porch and the cat has no place to nap.
Thus creating glider redo motivation.

I have plans of painting greatness.

This phase alone took me an hour an a half:
  • I sanded off the chippy old paint. This took time as there was lots of it. **
  • I sanded down the rusty parts of the metal.
Then: (this is cool and involves the vinegar)
At a garage sale a few weeks ago Linda and I talked to the cutest little old man. 
A true tinkerer and jack of all trades.  
He told us to use vinegar to help paint stick to rusty metal. 
Just rub it on with a rag. Who knew?  So that's what I did with my glider.
  • I poured vinegar onto a rag and rubbed it on to the metal. It dries almost instantly.
  • I spray painted on grey primer.

Then I had to quit for the night.
Laundry was calling. 
Dishes needed loading and the dog needed walking.
Oh, and I had to color wash my hair.

Life goes on with paint on my hands.
Stay tuned! It's going to be fab.
(the glider and the hair.)

xo jeanne.

** not to worry - all fans of chippy paint and rust.
this piece will have sufficient age & character to show off.

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  1. I am so curious to see what you did with this. I couldn't find a picture for the after. Was it worth all work?


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