Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Pot Wreath - BKB Style & Tutorial

My terra cotta pot collecting and wire frame days are behind me.
I've finally made my very own pot wreath. 
With a twist of course. 

Inspired by questions about the picture I took of the one at Bachman's Ideas House a year ago, answering numerous emails and describing my best guess about how it was made....
It was time to make my own.

  • I used a square wire frame - instead of a round one. I had it from my old boxwood wreath. I discarded the dried boxwood and kept the wire frame.
  • I collected pots a garage sales.  They were chippy and worn - which I wanted.
  • 16 gauge wire. (this can vary and be your own choice)
  • Wire cutters.
  • Gloves.
I mocked up the placement of the pots.  

Then I got an idea. Why be normal?

So I painted the pots black. Then painted a few with a white stripes.
 Taping them took too long. I quickly gave up and just did stripes by hand.

I let the pots dry a day before making the wreath.
I didn't want the paint scratching off easily.
  • I 'strung' wire inside each pot, through the drain hole, cut it with wire cutters and 'tied' it to the frame simply by bending the wire around the frame. This is why I wore gloves - for bending the wire.
  • I went like this, attaching each pot, eyeing and arranging as I went. 
  • The wreath is heavy.

I hung it up to see how it would look.

  • Then, I planted succulents.
  • I bought one at a plant sale, one at Home Depot and took one from my own garden.
  • A combo of Hen and Chicks & Sedum.

After I had it planted, something wasn't quite right.

I had the mug o' succulents that I'd planned to take to work for my desk.
I'd bought the mug for .50 cents at a garage sale and put succulents in it a few weeks ago.
But, I still had it at home. Lightning struck and I decided to switch a pot for the mug.
It was just the ticket.


I think it turned out quite lovely.
The one at Bachman's had moss tucked into it, perhaps to cover wire or spaces. 
I didn't want to deal with the moss, so skipped it.

Done! Fabulous!
xo jeanne.


  1. Could it be possible that yours is better than the BIH? Oh yeah baby! It sure is better! LOVE, no I should say LURVE the stripes. And the coffee mug? Why that's the cherry on top! You rock! So lovin' the color of your door too!

  2. Hi, You knocked this one out of the park. Homerun fun.
    Love the addition of the mug, great touch. I just knew you would come up with something awesome. You DID!
    Have a great week, Ginger

  3. I've Been WAITING for this project to be shown - I knew you were working on it & it turned out GREAT - love that coffee mug addition w/ the great graphics & adds such a nice punch! I've been saving my pots up to do a similar project ever since seeing and pinning the bachman's wreath pic you had the FIRST day you posted it! I was in love even back then! happy summer to you girlie!

  4. Oh my goodness...Now this is one of the most "Unique" things I have ever seen!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post!

  5. Love it!

    Your picture of the original wreath was one of my first pins on Pintrest . . . before I learned that is was important to look back to the original source. I love that chance brought me to your blog to look at something else and I 'discovered' your wreath!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your planter wreath is super cute and I've got this linked to my planters post too today, well done!

  7. Groovy idea! Love it!!!!!!

  8. thanks so much for sharing, i love your site. i really must do this wreath.

  9. I love this wreath. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I moved into my childhood home and recently discovered a huge stash of clay pots (over 30).. now I know how I am going use them! Love your knock off way better!

  11. Maravilhosa essa ideia! Fiz uma guirlanda de vasos inspirada nas suas imagens, e amei o resultado!!!
    Obrigada por compartilhar ideias geniais.

  12. Hi. Love the wreath! I wonder if a wire coat hanger would be ok to use with small, lighter pots? Just a thought.


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