Monday, July 9, 2012

Repurposed Railings. Perfectly suitable for sitting. Seriously.

Pulling up to a garage sale a few weekends ago,
 Linda and I spotted a funky bench in the garden. 

"Hey, check out the bench."
"Hey, that's funky. 
"It's an iron railing."
"It's a iron railing bench!"

We headed to the back where the garage sale was. 
We spotted the home owner gal. 

"That bench in your garden is fabulous."
"You dig it out, it's yours. It's cemented in."
"Well dang! If I had all day and a shovel, I would."


The bench isn't their style.  It came with the house. 
They'd be glad to see it go.
Her dad, who was there, piped up. "I'll dig it out."

Wow. (we instantly love dad.)
I scribbled down 'bees knees bungalow' on a random piece of paper. 
I told her that if it does get dug out, I'd be happy to take it off her hands.
She could find my email through the site.

Two weeks later,  I got the neatest email.
The bench was out of the ground and mine for the taking.
"Yes! We'll bring the truck!"

Turns out, that it wasn't cemented in at all.
Just spiked in really well.

the funky repurposed iron stair railing bench is in my very own yard.  
This is the most awesome case of follow through Linda and I have ever heard of.

Cool eh?
xo jeanne.


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