Monday, July 30, 2012

Ice Cold Pink Lemonade

It was a perfect day for a fresh cup of lemonade.
Monica thought she'd be an entrepreneur. 
She mixed. She made a sign. She gathered the goods. 
She was patient.

As she waited for her customers, she sang.

The Signage.

The local gang.

We've not seen the last of  The Lemonade Stand.
There's a month left of Summer and Moni likes a profit.

Git your change ready.
xo jeanne.


  1. Sooo adorable! I love it that she sang while waiting. ♥

  2. Very sweet! My grandgirl had a lemondae stand too and a guy gave her 10.00 and "keep" the change. She donated 5.00 to a local pet hospital that rescues animals! Our "girls" have tendar hearts!

  3. How adorable. I have just shared it on karinsegriffels facebook page. Can you report back in 10 years time what happened to that singing girlie? You have an eye for capturing a moment. Greetings from South Africa :)


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