Monday, July 16, 2012

Bryn Mawr Garden Tour, Pt. I

I went on a garden your this weekend with my girlfriends.
It was a humid 90 degrees.  Can you say; "Hand me the ice water and a giant fan?!"

Through the heat, we trudged on and toured some truly fantastic gardens.
Here is one our our favorite's.
Michael's Garden.  
He had the most gorgeous garden statue collection. Drool Worthy.


Seriously gorgeous.
 And they just kept coming.

It was a statue drool fest. 
His gardens were so well done, the statues were not over-kill.


He has an enclosed front porch that was so romantic,
 We wanted to sit right down, drink wine and listen to music.
We would have too.

This is just one on a tour of 14. 
To say I am inspired is an understatement.
I went home and was pulling weeds before I made it to the front door.

More to come.
xo jeanne.


  1. That cupid made of limestone is the highlight of this garden. It looks so cute and immaculate. I suggest you add some liquid limestone in Perth for your garden flooring to make it more elegant.


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