Monday, June 11, 2012

Garage Sales and Your basic Tom Foolery.

We've had a pretty good run the 4 Saturday's of garage sailing.
Linda and I were on the fence about going out this past weekend.
eh. We could take it or leave it.
But we wanted some silliness so we decided to go.
Lucky for us, the quest for silliness led to some sweet deals.

It was the day of:
        Paris, water colors, wire
                          & one fantastic scarf.


The Indian Warrior Queen was a fabulous find at the most widly eclectic sale.
The gal had a crazy massive collection of garden decor. We expected to find nothing.
There was a sea of tacky lawn children, plastic frogs, and any animal you can turn into plaster and put in your garden. 
Fortunately for us, strangely - she also had the birds, Eiffel tower and the Warrior Queen.

We stopped by the garden center on the way home because,
quite frankly the weather was too good not to.

Oh, the little shovel and rake?
The tschotske garden ornament lady gave them to me for free. yay free!

                                                                    Yes, we also enjoyed our fare share of silly.
Who wouldn't want to be a reform school girl
with gypsy witch cards? 
xo jeanne.


  1. I so want to garage sale where you do!! Amazing, every time!

  2. I need to go to the garage sales you are going to!!

  3. Don't you feel high on the haul? Love the textiles and the magazine holder. Do you now have to weed as many things out to accommodate your finds? Or is there a selling business somewhere? I lost my shop and lost my definition as seller of stuff. How I miss the sailing.

  4. Y'all hit the mother lode! Love those little water colors; I collect those and have about two dozen so far!
    I'm looking forward to the weekend now!


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