Monday, June 4, 2012

Three dimes? Six nickels? Thirty pennies? Deal.

"How much would you like for these?" 
                we asked of the handful of goodies.
      "Oh, how does .20 cents sound?"
                      said the darling little old lady.

                  "What would you charge for this little pile?'
                         we bargained to her very sweet husband.
                                                         ".10 cents."
                                               said the sweet old man.

Yes, for .30 cents we took home some sweet little gems.
It also was a day of "free."

We came upon a box full of vintage piano music books. Free.
I stocked up.

The deals were just as sweet all around.
Lots of finds snatched right up.

Later in the day,
A friend called and asked if I wanted some old things.
Um, yes.  The Scooter. Free.

I really like free.
(but ten cents is pretty good too.)

This was a citywide garage sale in the Ecco neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Things will be tweaked and painted.
Linda's Carriage House Sale is coming soon.
Two weeks!
"Thirty Cents?!"
Yes, you bet.
And it was just as sweet to talk to those two dear people
and give the little pieces of hardware a new home.

xo jeanne.


  1. Dynamite? That's dynamite! What are you going to do with that? Love it!

  2. You got some sweet deals! Wish I'd come across a sale where they're so accommodating.


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