Monday, June 25, 2012

Now that's some great Sh*t.

It was a neighborhood sale we'd never been to before.
We weren't sure what to expect.
What we got was.........Seriously Great.

As in 'Holy crap!  We've hit the mother load.' 

From the map, to the suitcase, the fabulous clock, the canisters, the lamp.
(this is the year of the lamp - we've found 3 this year.)

Starting off in the morning we had NO IDEA we'd find.....

Yes, the fantastic camera. 
 Totally dreamy.

We lost our minds somewhere in Minneapolis. 

We had to repack the car - twice.
(we found the giant scrabble letters too).

Linda bought these fabulous numbers. For paint or wax?
They're for stamping, but we can't figure out for what exactly.
Maybe you guys know and can help clue us in?
They have long wooden handles and came in a wooden holder.

This pic is not a sale.. it us just merely one of our repackings. ha!
Can you picture the broken bottom chair redone into a garden chair?  

The map's size was challenging for transportation. 
But I bought it anyway. $15.
It was a cozy passenger for Teen Sherpa and Mini Sherpa.
(See? Clearly, they were thrilled.)

The final shot:

But wait! We didn't buy everything.
We left behind this darling baby. 
We figured even though the tag said 'make offer' 
                                                                - he was priceless.

Whew! This is just how we felt!
xo jeanne.


  1. "we've hit the motherLODE."
    The word is motherlode.

  2. Great goodies!!
    Now, where do you sell them at??!!

  3. No - thank you, Anonymous.
    Thank you.
    Your charm has inspired me.
    I think I'll leave it just the way it is. I like it.
    My mother taught me to color outside the lines. lynes? liens?

    xo jeanne.

  4. I'm wondering if the number stamps are for livestock branding

  5. I wandered over from another Your title cracked me up! It looks like you had a great time. I never find that much stuff garage-saleing!

  6. Jealous! Those numbers look like branding irons .

  7. Where was the sale? Which neighborhood? Love, love, love the milk can, clock, canisters...everything, really!

  8. I love seeing posts like this. As a confirmed garage/yard/estate sale junkie, I rejoice in your fab finds!

  9. whoa nellie! awesome finds - you guys have such good ideas. LOVE the stickered up baby shot too! way too darling! Which hood was this in so maybe I can plan for next year? xo xo

  10. I think the numbers were used for Michael Jordan's jerseys... ;) Great finds!!!


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