Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Miracle Next Door

The house across the street from bees knees bungalow
                              is a 125 year old farm house.
It has potential of being very cool. Unfortunately, it's been neglected.  Long ago, it was broken up into 2 apartments. Then undone, but only 1/2 way.  Then a family moved in and lived there for 30 years. Because it was built before plumbing, bathrooms were added later. Badly.  One had a bathtub going halfway under a wall.  The other had fake plasticy walls.
It was bad. All bad. 

     Just about at this time, we moved in across the street, unaware of the decay next door.  We knew it was old and needed some work. But, we went to work on our house, hoping that the farmhouse people would catch on to the crazy idea of mowing, gardening and home repair.  They didn't. 

     It was quite the opposite.  I totally understand how hard it is to keep up with repairs and maintain a home, but this was more like parties till 3am, piles of cigarettes in the yard and the best of all, a toilet on the front stoop - for months.  It has been the bane of my existence.  For 12 years the Cabinet Maker and I have watched the steady decline and all hope of the house's potential and our own view....deteriorate. Sigh. Many Sighs.
We were seriously hoping it would be demolished. We'd help.

But then. The Miracle. 
The house has been sold. And bought by a house flipper.
     This is epically fantastic. The flipper is fixing it up.
Our hearts leap with visions splendor.  The inside has been taken down to the slats.  Strange concrete has been ripped up.  The bad bathrooms are gone, being replaced by normalcy.  Badly added doors and windows are gone.  I know these details because we have grilled the workers who show up each day.  

A landscaper has even come to survey what should be done.  I am speechless.
A freakin' miracle.

Yesterday they began adding cedar siding.  I about dropped dead.
Today, three subcontractors.  But really, I swear - I'm not spying. 

I'm simply giddy with joy.

The poor house is so disjointed from additions over the years.
But look! A deck has been built, saving the door that went nowhere.

Below, badly done concrete has been removed and we suspect these stairs will soon be fixed.  
(crossing our fingers and toes.)
I have always thought this old door on the garage could be adorable.  Potential.

I've never been happier to see subcontractors in my whole life.

Finally,  this 125 year old house will get the love it deserves.
(Windows were just delivered!)

xo jeanne.


  1. ahhhh sigh....I'm thrilled for you and for this lovely to be home. I want to be there watching and grilling the workers and seeing the oh so sweet coming to life of this old beauty - yay for flippers! xo

  2. I'm seeing a new reality TV show in your future: House Stalkers! Seriously, I know it's been very hard to see the neglect of this house, especially when property values are tough to maintain these days anyway. I hope it will become a true home to new neighbors and friends for you!

  3. I'm SO happy for you and for that (soon to be again) beautiful house! I LOVE old houses and I get so tired of seeing them torn down to make way for ugly mcmansions. I'm so glad that this one was saved before it was to late! Keep spying - I need updates!

  4. House Stalkers! I like it! I could go over in the cover of darkness and weed the gardens and put cute decorations on the porches of houses that need some help!


  5. Send them to my neighborhood. My college neighbors from Aruba have been the bane of my existence.

  6. Oh you are so lucky, I'm am watching the houses on either side of me deteriorate. One is a 1930's wooden bungalow that had the sweetest windows. Now its a rental and we are watching the paint peel. The other is a strangely East Coast looking house for S. Mpls & could be so cute. But the owner, who is so nice, is a horder/recycling artists so we watch it fill with junk & look sadder & sadder.

  7. My daughter flips houses. She constantly has neighbors coming by and thanking her for cleaning up eyesores.

    I did a post about making a pot wreath and I linked to you and your pic. Please come by for a look.

    So glad the farmhouse is being restored.

    xo, Ginger

  8. Respects to these people who took their time in beautifying their neighborhood! I do hope they found a great security locksmith to work on this house's locks.


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