Monday, June 18, 2012

Signs. They're everywhere.

There are some creative people out there who don't mind being a bit silly and create a sign that makes their garage sale stand out from the rest.  
Over the past few months I snapped a few pics of some good ones. 
They are witty and silly give me a giggle.

Rapture Crapture was from a sale in April. It was raining, but no apocalypse took place.
I like Free Zones.  Especially one's that are well marked.
None of my children were given sugary espresso on that given Saturday.
And..somebody I know who had a certain Carriage House Sale last pretty creative.
We'll 'chalk up' the sale's TOTAL SUCCESS to the help of this fab sign.

There are even signs in the sidewalk.
"A little less war, A little more peace,
A little less poor, A little more eats."

My kind of sidewalk.
"You have entered the wacky zone."
 That would be on the sidewalk in front of my house.

xo jeanne.


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