Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get 'Em Before They're Gone.....

It's craigslist-palooza.
I've decided to sell my hand painted French label dresser. 'Tis true.
It's time for me to part with it so I thought I'd give you dibs if you are local.
Here's the original post in case you missed it.
Here's the craigslist ad for the painted label dresser. (Sold!)

Also, Decorating co-captain Linda has these fabulous pieces for sale as well.
Union Jack would love a great home.
Here's the craigslist ad for the Union Jack dresser.

So would this darling desk. 
It's a rescue that Linda painted a wonderful grey.
Here's the craigslist ad for the desk. (Sold!)


The Hoosier is for sale too.
Oh! How I wish I had a place for it. Sigh.
Here's the craigslist ad for the hoosier. (Sold!)

Redoing these pieces was a thrill.
Giving them new life is a hoot and its's fun to see their transformations along the way. 
Thanks for taking a peak!

xo jeanne


  1. oh can't that hoosier go in your laundry room? it would be perfect! I'm in love with all of these pieces and imagine it's hard to part w/ them! happy day to you guys! xo

  2. What wonderful pieces! Too bad you can't keep them all, and too bad I don't live closer! :)

  3. If I wasn't all the way in NC I would be over there to buy that hoosier in a minute!!! I can't find one for under $600 here!! And most of them are falling apart! You are giving someone a killer deal!

  4. Love all the furniture! I sure wish I lived closer!
    Have a good afternoon.

  5. One doesn't take a "peak." One takes a "peek."

  6. You hit the jackpot. Thanks for sharing. To find that much at one sale is so cool......
    What are your plans for the bird cages ?



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