Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spooning Measures.

Tonight I started a batch of cookies. 
I was looking in drawers to find my measuring spoons. They were nowhere to be found.  
So, I went to my stash of the things I'd brought back from my mom's house in California last December. One thing that I took home with me is her measuring spoons. Seems silly, but at the time, we were clearing out her house and there they were by the stove.  She'd had them for as long as I could remember. I hated to see them thrown out, so I packed them and took them home.  
But I haven't used them. Until tonight. 

Snacks were low and there's two school days left in the week. That means lunches to pack and hungry teenagers through the weekend.  So I started the batch of cookies.  

As I was scooping in the baking soda, I realized how long my mom had had these spoons and how many cookies I'd made with them as a teenager. How many recipes my mom had made with them? Countless.  And boy, did it make me miss her.  Sigh.
We live much too far away from each other and I call far too little. Shame on me.

What looks like a crusty old shaker is the salt can she used for years and years and years...50?
She saved it for me. I was glad to take this little tin home.  


Then there's the bowls.  The classic colored pryex bowl set. My mom used the big yellow bowl for everything. When I found a set a few years ago, I bought it. 
So of course, tonight I dragged that out too. LOL.  Sheesh, did I get nostalgic or what?! Somebody stop me. 
Soon I'll be watching Terms of Endearment alone in the dark at 3:00 am.

But then again, there's always cookie dough.
(Mom! I'll call! I miss you Mona.)

xo jeanne.


  1. ohhh what lovely items - those bowls are rockin! sniff sniff - take a look at this print and give your mom a long distance hug -


  2. I love anything that used to belong to Mama! She's no longer with us but I have all her things and I treasure each one. Thanks for sharing your Mama's treasured items, and hope the cookies were yummy! Hugs ~ Mary

  3. my grandmother had a Pyrex bowl set like yours, somehow I ended up with them. They are my "go-to" mixing bowls for sure! I so remember the hungry teenager days!


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