Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sales in the City!

The first of our citywide garage sales has begun. Whoo Hoo!
This past weekend was the Bryn Mawr neighborhood sales in Minneapolis.

The goods:

One of my fabulous finds was three big pieces of burlap -  for a quarter.
They are enough to line my wire planter and then some.

The old Ivory Soap box was $1.  
It'll be delightful in the laundry room.
The clock was $1.00
The vase - $2.00


My little plants, I'm collecting for making the pot wreath. 

Plants are great finds at garage sales.
 Gardeners divide their plants and sell them super cheap.
I bought several fifty 50 cents or a dollar each.
Many times the gardens are fabulous and the gardeners give great how-to tips.

(the loaf pans were free!)

Enjoy your week!
xo jeanne.


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