Monday, May 14, 2012

Red light. Green light. Junk Light? Go!

An industrial grain funnel?
Nah, It's been upcycled to a new porch light.

         My front porch waited a very long time for this old rusty funnel.
                                             Fun, eh?

I bought it almost a year ago for $10.  
It's metal. It's rusty. It's the perfect thing for the porch.
It's been waiting it's turn in projectland.
(aka, waiting for The Cabinet Maker to hang it.)

Tools used:
Sawzall, Screwdriver, Screws, Silicone

He used the Sawzall to cut the metal.


The light's been there with just an outdoor light. yawn.
I knew the funnel opening would be close to the size of the existing hole.
  • Cabinet Maker pulled the bulb socket down a bit so the bulb would stick further out.

I thought this was funny with Mike the dog peeking out.
I swear he's thinking:

 "What's with the giant metal thingie?
Can't you people ever just buy a normal light?!"

Cabinet Maker screwed in the funnel and siliconed a plastic ring up to the wood. 
(white plastic ring: recessed lighting trim)

Done. Charming. I like it. 
Cross that off the project list.

xo jeanne.


  1. Love it. It was a milk strainer, by the way; the farmer would pour the raw milk through it and thence into the milk cans or cooler. (Don't you love that word "thence"?) I have a mini version for goat milk. :-)

  2. Love this idea, very charming on your porch. :)



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