Monday, May 7, 2012

Quandie & Lacqui, Models? (not so much.)

Silliness is what it was. Pure silliness. 
It all happened so fast.  
Decorating co-captain Linda and I signed up to be models for a night.
 We thought it would be hilarious.
Be careful what you wish for.

We arrived at the salon looking like normal people.

Forty five minutes later we looked like:
"If Devo and There's Something About Mary had a bad baby."

Hilarious. Oh My God. Hysterical. WTH?
 Note to self:  Bangless = not good.

We were fluffed, blow-dried and sprayed.
We're pretty sure that the salon dude saw us two old bags comin' -
And purposely screwed with us.
Seriously, I cannot even show you the bad pictures or even begin to explain 
the horror of having to be in the presence of the young adorable models.  dear god.

The night was a total bust. But we did learn a few things.
  1. We learned we do NOT EVER want to do that again.
  2. We met Julie from Knit -N-Jules.  She knits thongs that unravel! She's a stitch.

The one saving grace of the night: 
The function we'd signed up to model for was poorly attended.
Bad for the fundraiser. Good for us.
We could be goofy and no one would recognize us. 

Quandie and Lacqui as Models.
We can check that one of the list. Quickly.
We'll stick to decorating and garage sailing.

xo jeanne.

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  1. A thong that unravels? Omg...that's hysterical!!!


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