Monday, May 21, 2012

Linden Hills. Charming and Garage Sale Fabulous.

Decorating co-captain Linda and I hit the pavement in Linden Hills,
 a charming suburb of Minneapolis.
The weather was perfect. The neighborhood was darling.
The finds were pretty good too.

The pots and glass juicer were free.
The bar of soap was .10 cents. It had some strange appealing character at the time.
(not sure what to do with it yet but we couldn't resist for a dime.)
The lamp, old stamp holder and rug $5 each.

We occasionally get great back stories on our found objects. The gal who sold me the lamp:
She told me it had belonged to her mother - who had recently passed away at 101 years old.
She told me that it was her mother who had painted it aqua many moons ago.
I promised her I was going to keep it as is and she was thrilled.

We stumbled upon one house that had a ton of super cool wine related gadgets.
 (and alcohol stuff in general).
We loaded up.


I snagged this old beaker holder for $2. 
I think it will be fun to hold paint brushes.
(picture it standing up.)
The plants are ground cover for my garden.

One of the best things about citywide garage sales
 is that we get to find really cool neighborhoods.
It's really hard go complain when you get to walk streets that are as darling as this:

One clever dude had these signs posted on light posts....eventually leading us to his sale.
He gets 10 points for creativity.


Pretty fun!  
Sigh, if only Ryan Gosling truly would have been there.
'If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

xo jeanne.


  1. Oh my gosh you did score big time! I want that rug, girl :) And the lamp. Great prices, great neighborhood, great stuff - makes for a great yard saling day, doesn't it?!?! Thanks for sharing the fun ~ Mary

  2. Looks like I should shop garage sales instead of having my own...great finds!

  3. I am so jealous...yard sales around here are just lousy. Nobody creates such cute signs either!!

  4. I just found your very cute blog through Pinterest. I am now following. Love your finds, especially that lamp.



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