Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sale That Finally Measured Up.

Pro:   It was a gorgeous Saturday morning & my first garage sailing of the year.
Con:   The finds were nowhere to be found.

Time was up so I dropped Decorating co-captain off at home.
I was running to McDonald's to get my mix of Coke and Diet Coke.
I call it 'the confused."
There was one last sale on the right.
The tents in the yard and the 'estate sale' sign had me.

Pro: The sale had great signage and was easy to find.
Con:  It was absolutely unorganized,  the stuff was old - and not the good kind.

Though it was immediately apparent that this was a 'wash your hands immediately' sale -
Every last thing was priced. Cheap. Super Cheap. As in  $1.00 or less.
I sifted through the carnage. I spotted the two folding measuring sticks for .50 each.
The clocks were $1.00 each.
The blue and the Wards measuring tapes were a quarter each.
When I  went to pay, the dude said "every thing is buy one, get one free."
He told me the measuring sticks were his dad's - who died in 1958. 
My total was $1.75

I'm thinking the measuring tapes will be fab for scrapbooking.

Pro: I like my little stash.
Con: I went home and pulled weeds the rest of the afternoon.

xo jeanne.


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