Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Editing with Picasa. (the secret to fabulous photos)

The Subject: 
Photogenic family member.

The Props:
Two vintage suitcases.

The Mother Bribe:
 "Please put a clip in your hair,  let me take your picture with these old suitcases,
 And I will grant your ultimate wish:
 Permission to download a new app (kids game) onto my iPhone."

The Result:
Pure photo magic.

The Truth: Picasa.
Picasa is free photo editing and organizing software.
  • I may have had a good poser and cool props.
  • The photographer, aka bribing mother, knew the dusk light would do. 
  • I have a simple Canon PowerShot SX150, nothing fancy.
But with Picasa, I can do this:

I can even make myself fab.
It's a freakin' miracle.    

 Editing my photos:
I usually lighten them, over correcting, then add shadows back in.
Picasa has features like "Cross Process" and "Cinema Scope," among others.
I crop, and play with these features the most.
They are newly added and I am thrilled.

This is "Cinema Scope" which widens, lightens and auto-crops.

It doesn't have to be cropped tight.  
This is without the 'letterbox' crop: 
You can see the difference above with the pesky door cropped out.

You can tweak, add lettering, borders, etc.
It's quick and you don't need to have super-techy skills.  

And best of all, it's free.
I like Free.

My intent was to get pics of the suitcases.
(Eh hem... notice the 'new' brown one, $8.99 at Goodwill)

But the light was good and the subject was willing, so outside we flew.
I may now have to share my iPhone a bit more.. but it was worth it!!

xo jeanne.


  1. Hi Jeanne, your photos are wonderful. I need to play more with Picasa! and what an adorable little subject!

  2. Oh my goodness...I love your pics!
    I will check out Picasa!

  3. Hi Jeanne, just wanted to let you know that I linked to this post for my Magazine Inspiration post. Your really inspired me!

  4. Your daughter is so cute, Jeanne...and the photos look fabulous!

  5. Wonderful photos of your cute daughter and the editing is great!

    I love Picasa too. I've also been playing with picmonkey dot com and ipiccy dot com. They're both free and have some fun features.

  6. Wow ... I did what you said here to a few of my pics, then used them in tonight's blog post, and people actually commented on my pictures, something that has *never* happened :) Thanks so much for the tips!!! Hugs ~ Mary


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