Monday, April 30, 2012

The Breezeway that went to the Dogs.

Make that Dog. One dog. 
One dog who when feels somewhat bored....
Will destroy the drywall.

Michael Finnegan is that dog.

Guilty as charged.
Mind you, this is a dog that sleeps on the couch.
This is a dog that will stare you down until you get up-
 So he can take your place as soon as you move off of said couch.

However, if we leave him out too long or we are not home soon enough,
We pay with 1/2 eaten walls. 

The room has potential. 
It's bright.  It was our first try with tin ceilings. 
We've got the wood to line the walls with wainscoting.
The wallpaper has to go.
Of course Mike has already begun helping us with that.
There's must be a method to his madness.
Perhaps he is telling us the wallpaper is hideous.


Never mind that Mike has the whole back yard as his playground.
Why run around when you can chew drywall at your leisure?

I give him an A+ for effort!
So you see, much is left to be done at my house.
This is the room the mirror I put on the curb was stored in.
I have too many projects to redo and repurpose everything.
I pick my battles. 
Clearly, this room is a battle to be fought.

I'm up for it.
And, I'll have to buy Mike a few bones while I'm at it.

xo jeanne.


  1. oh this makes me laugh. we had a cat once who chewed and scratched off the door frame of our garage door to the kitchen. determined. love his face he looks like a happy guy!

  2. Hee!hee! He is quite adorable!

  3. Try Busy Buddy toys from - they've saved our house.

  4. Hehe, you gotta love boxers.

  5. I think Mike has made a good start for you on that!

  6. Years ago, my dad put together a dry sink cabinet kit that actually hid a TV. For years, it lived in the house in front of the big picture window in the living room. Our cat, Samm, loved to sleep up there in the sun, and so the top of it became riddles with teeny claw punctures. When my parents redecorated, it went into the garage, where it held lots of garage-y junk my dad stored in it, and flung on top of it, mostl heavy tools. All of which put dings and dents and injuries into its top, again. When I moved out of my parents house, I thought "hmm, I have no furniture - lemme clean that thing up!" A bit of scrubbing worked miracles, and to make the dings less noticeable, I dipped a rag in some stain I found and gave the top a quick swipe. Well, my junque cabinet suddenly seemed old and delightfully "distressed"! Sammy's claws and dads old tools worked wonders and made it look antique! People ooh and aaah over it, and I just smile. I love it because it has family history - from my dad and the dear, departed Sammy.! :)


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