Monday, April 9, 2012

Bachman's 2012 Spring Ideas House, Pt III

The finale of the Spring Ideas House...
A media room to cozy up to.

Above, the barn door is good and a fine way to camo the TV.
I love the lamp shade, even with the not-so-old keys.  
Below, the cart-to-coffee table upcycle is a winner.

I also like the magazine/dvd storage. The wire racks are very fun.
Can be easily duplicated.  Keep your eyes peeled for wire baskets....

Idea board, a window repurpose and some globe ideas.... all good.
Check out the Masking Tape..why make it difficult!?



Finally the wall of books as shelves as a back drop... cozy.

Until Summer..... we wait.
xo jeanne.

** As a reminder, please be aware that I was merely a spectator with my camera
 in the Bachman's Ideas House.**
I had no part in the ideas or designs.


  1. Love the shelves made out of books...very cute!

  2. I love this style so much.

    The barn door is a unique piece. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have one of those wire baskets! It is such an odd size, but I love it so. Such a great idea to use it mounted on the wall. I wonder what they were originally used for...

    Love your blog. :)


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