Monday, April 2, 2012

Bachman's 2012 Spring Ideas House, Pt I

It must really be Spring! 
It's already time for the Bachman's Ideas House. 
I'm cutting to the chase and showing you my favorite things.
The girl's room was just that.

I love the gates as headboards.
Also, the bedside table. 
I 've seen these basins before as always like them.
 They are fun as storage.  Unfortunately, I've never seen one under $200 bucks.

What a fun garden tea party this set would inspire...
Calling all tea cups and teddy bears!

A big wall unit has gone to the girls.
Keep that garden edging wire! It's good for so many things..
Spy the light fixture and the valance. Also, the wire in the gates.

But in this room, it was the gates who won me over.

More to come!
xo jeanne.

**It's important to know that I was merely a spectator in the Bachman's Ideas House.**
I had no part in the ideas or designs.


  1. Adorable!!! Not sure I'm going to make it to the idea house this time. So maybe I'll just wait patiently for your posts and view it through your lens :) Thanks! Laurel

  2. Oh, Jeanne, I was so excited to see this know how I love the Bachmann house! Aren't those gates for the bed just fabulous! So very cute!

  3. Found your blog via pinterest. Love how you decorated your girls room. The gate head boards are super cute.

  4. I just love the old gates as headboards

  5. Wow, that room looks really wonderful. I live your motif and especially your bed.

  6. I love these rooms! I'm a little confused, is this from your house? Or are these ideas someone elses?

  7. I love the bed! I wish I could also put one in the apartment for rent in makati that I am staying in. The color is also nice and peaceful.

  8. Your room is so cute. This is one problem that I have with some Condos For Rent in Makati, they are already fully-furnished so I cannot buy more stuff to put in because I don't have space anymore.

  9. Where can I find those gates?


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