Monday, March 19, 2012

Those Irish Can Party.

On Saturday, we headed into St. Paul. 
It was the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade
We'd never been and we were ready for some serious people watching.
The weather here is 20 degrees above normal, so the crowd was big.

Oh, we wore our green shirts alright, but...
Within 20 seconds, we knew were seriously under-greened.

It's highly doubtful there was merely ginger ale in their solo cups.
My bet is on Guinness.

We quickly deduced that way to be in the parade is to:
1. Be Irish. (as in: kiss me, I'm)
2. Gather all party worthy family members.
3. Make a name banner.
4. Wear any & all green apparel and headgear.
5.  Game on.

There was a sea of green as far as the eye could see.
(Would those be Irish eyes a'smilin'?)

And one creepy guy.... 
who did not get the wear green memo.

 Raise a pint to all the Irish Party Animals who took the time to be silly!
Fight on McGuire's, Dougherty's, Young's and Garrigan's!

xo jeanne.

"Everyone is nice till the cow gets into the garden."
                                                 -Irish proverb.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that parade looks lively! I live on the Gulf Coast so even the St. Patricks Day parade looks like Mardi Gras only smaller. Everythings beads and floats. That parade looks so much more creative and exciting!


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