Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Mirrors. I couldn't help myself.

The cool thing is...
Sometimes when people hear you collect old stuff, they say:
"Hey, I have one of those. It's just sitting around. Do you want it?"
And you are happy to answer:
This is the case with the big vintage medicine cabinet mirror.
It inspired my new old mirror wall.

A colleague brought it into work and gave it to me.
So very fabulous.

I've had it for over 6 months. 
I was psycho that it would break before I hung it up.
It took some time to collect the other things I had in mind.

The shoe form, my niece found for me last summer. (thanks Court!)
It's snappy to hang necklaces on.
Coco, the dress form, I moved up from the laundry room.


'entertainment box?' 
That's the one I bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago.
I found sticker letters at Michael's.  A sheet for $1.
The box opens and hold the TV remotes. 
Do you think the kids will actually put the clickers back in??

Such a fun way to fill the empty space.
Plus the mirrors opened up the room.  An added bonus.


I like it!
I still have my 'who's the fairest' wall in the hallway.
Can I help it if vintage mirrors find me irresistible?
(that sounds so bitchy.)

xo jeanne.


  1. Ooh, I love mirrors because they always add a bit of sparkle to the room (not because I like to look into them!). Your vintage ones are the best!

  2. No, I'm sorry, the only way those remotes will make it back in the box are if you put them there. Then you'll have to answer when they ask, and they will, "where's the remote?".

    Gotta love family even when they will not participate in your organizational geniusness!

    It all looks great though, the mirrors, the tool box, and the dresser.
    ps, I have a giveaway going, please enter.

  3. You NEVER cease to amaze me. Ever since your post about your bathroom ( which I'd die to have ), I just keep tuning in to see what you do next.

    Will you come to my house please?

    Gloria in Virginia

  4. I love your vignette...the mirrors, lovely Coco, the shoe, and that awesome box. Those letters look like the real thing. I'm going to have look for those.

  5. Have I told you recently that I think you are marvelous? I love your whimsical....and....dare I say....quirky ideas?

    I've been catching up - not much time for visiting my bloggy friends lately - and I love the menu board and the tips too. The dresser? C'est magnifique! You are awesome Minnesota lady!

    from your California fan

  6. That vintage mirror needs a makeover. Or you may use a nice art hanger to add style.


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